Eels (stupid five character limit)


Got to admit, its warmed on me (after initially feeling lukewarm). I think with the long wait and the title that implied a different sound I had unreasonable expectations.

Some of the lyrics still clunk a bit.

Bone Dry is awesome.


I’m giving it a spin now and just got to “Premonition” as I read “sound like self plagiarism” - you knocked it on the head there. I miss the big swerves; Souljacker is a long time ago now… once my favouritest ever band, not any more alas.


Ranking post-Blinking Lights albums:

Hombre Lobo
Wonderful Glorious
Tomorrow Morning
The Deconstruction
The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett
End Times


Id go

Hombre lobo>deconstruction>wonderful glorious>cautionary tales>end times>tomorrow morning