Effects Pedal Thread of Joy and Noises

I know we have a gear thread: i don’t care. LET’S TALK ABOUT


Because of people getting mighty bellendrous we’ve already lost Em who I was counting on being about to provide content with her bonkers pedal collection (we really need to stop women from being chased off the boards, you know :expressionless: ), so I expect everyone to make even more effort. My current new squeeze is this friend:

It does this:

and i bought it for the repeat function but have now realised the ‘down’ function is going to be fucking great too.

I am building a pedal board, so my motives for this thread are largely drawing knowledge from all of you like a vampire and creating a perfect board.

So come at me:

what are your favourite pedals pls? All suggestions welcome - snobbery will be crushed. Prince pretty much only used Boss pedals so…

mainly running things through my modul…



Fight me


srs reply…

still using
dr scientist cosmichorus
boss cs3
electro harmonix black finger
neunaber immerse reverberator
DNA analogic Smoky Fuzz

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I only use Boss pedals because you can’t break them and they’re totally reliable for live use. Tend to put guitars, basses, drum machines, keyboards, Nintendo DS, everything through them.

Best are the Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker and Distortion and the Boss DSD-2 Digital Delay/Sampler.

Shittest Boss pedal I’ve ever come across was the Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive.

Would love a Boss HR-2 Harmonist and a Boss PN-2 Tremolo/Pan.


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I have Boss DS-1, Big Muff Pi Wicker, TC Corona Chorus. Next is going to be Blues Driver.


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I used to plug my guitar into my laptop but my laptop’s from 2009 so it couldn’t handle it and it made a massive delay and made every note repeat like 50 times and sounded really good. Do i just need any delay pedal to do that cause i’ve got an amp now and would like to make that sound

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Any digital delay with a long enough delay time will do that. DigiTech Digidelay, Behringer DR 600 Digital Reverb or a Boss DD-7/DD-8 will get you there and for not much money.

cool! I’ll probably get the cheapest!

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i used to be a Boss only boy until i discovered Mooer (and then discovered some other super cheap knockoff mini pedals from there - wish those had been around when i was a teenager playing in bands)

my Boss DD-3 is still my favourite pedal i own though. i lent it to a friend for a gig a few years ago and didn’t get it back until last summer, and then immediately after getting it back i found a new trick for making endless ambient loops without them turning into static. hours of fun.

got a nice little Mooer Reecho in between to plug the gap which has a lovely tape echo warp function as well

still want a reverse delay

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I’ve been told to avoid Behringer

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Yeah, the Mooers are handy and cheap. One of my guitarists uses loads of their pedals and finds the tremolo pedal to be very useful.

The DSD-2 I mentioned above is basically a DD-3 but with a sample function. They’re great delay pedals, lots of options but not too many that you’re overwhelmed.

trynig to be less of a guitarbro and get my board down to the essentials lately

got the palisades recently for all my tubescreamer and boost needs, disaster transport for warbly delay, small stone for verb, loop pedal and a vocal fx pedal. done.

i did however finally cave and buy a midi switcher because i cannot be trusted not to fuck up my pedal switches live

They’re reliable and will last BUT have gotten up to some very dodgy shit, including this.

Love those.

yeah i have the Mooer tremelo as well (the Trelicopter)

never used a DSD-2 but i’m interested now. years ago when i was in a band i would try to make a little loop in the DD-3 and then capture it in my RC-2 loop station but it didn’t always go to plan

Any recs on a pedal to make clean sound even better? Clean guitar is sometimes my favourite option

subtle bit of chorus or a modulated delay?

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boss DC2W is meant to do witchcraft to sounds. never owned one though.

its basically this