Effects Pedal Thread of Joy and Noises

always a risk with vintage stuff that there’s a terminal fault somewhere. Though most proper analogue stuff is quite fixable there is that whole in between digital-controlled-analogue with ICs and BBD chips that just aren’t manufactured anymore

that empress reverb is always calling to me, never really had a high end reverb and reverb is my main effect so think I can justify it yet somehow haven’t

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Building a pre fuzz pedal. Wanted a treble boost at the beginning of my chain so built a Naga Viper clone and decided i should make it worthwhile by adding clones of a Prunes and Custard and zvex Machine. Akl of them have tested well and work best infront of fuzzes, as intended. Just need to box it all up now. The Prunes in particular is so much fun

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Well hellooooooo


Couldn’t find a Bam for sale anywhere so…

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