🖕 Effin' and Jeffin' (swearing thread) 🖕

It means ‘a pregnant goldfish’ obvs. Every self-respecting schoolboy knows this

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Bob Hoskins in Long Good Friday comes to mind

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Used to quIte enjoy Rude Kid in Viz



I still use ‘big dog’s cock!’ as an expletive to this day :grin:


He’s charismatic as fuck rn

Yeah tbf it has been a massive improvement in the last year. Will be interesting to see if he can be a face at some point

Possibly my favourite swearing incident.


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May have been JFK’s finest performance.


Never heard my Parents swear heard lots of arguments and it was my husband that told me your Dad can loose it…I guess my schooling was the start and if I walk into a wall it is fuck it, naturally, rather it was not…

I like it when Brits say ‘jerk’, ‘dork’, other cute and fun 90s US swear words

I have bad memories of swearing too much because my anxious, socially-maladapted mind felt constantly panicked into filling space with swear words when I was teenager/v. young adult

I also find that I feel bad about swearing for perhaps the same kind of reasons I feel dyphoria, which is quite complicated

consequently, I think that when I’ve been my most fully-realised as a person, considered swear words have been a part of that confident sense of self


I feel like I’m cosplaying as an American when using words like that, they honestly seem so foreign :laughing:

does it not make you feel cool and relevant to the children adults who wear the 1990s clothes?

that’s the feeling I get

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I like ‘spunk trumpet’ as it evokes both functionally useless and viscerally unpleasant imagery. Just imagine the sound. That’s you talking, that is.

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