EFL in the autumn (September/October)

I’m quite happy to, for obvious reasons, but lol at having a go at Forest Green who are probably one of the most amazing stories in English Football of recent times

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And Stanley. This guy probably commits arson against vegan restaurants AND Holland’s Pies

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Ha, no worries! We have a weird element in our fanbase that seems obsessed with these kind of comparisons (I was in the away end when some idiots unveiled a banner that made no sense at all at the Amex, completing ignoring their history). Simply bemusing.

The club/fan connection is back under the new owners / McKenna though, and if we continue our start to the season there’s genuine hope for the future

EFL games OFF this weekend.

Wonder who will refund away fans’ booked travel.

Forgot to post this the other day: our start to the season has been… unusual.


TODAY’S THE DAY that Oxford get beaten @Funkhouser

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Not so sure tbh, we were in a bit of form before our game got called off at the weekend so might have lost momentum. Obviously though being a big naval town we have to win for the higher respect value.

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We’ll see. Might try and watch it tonight, nothing says ‘respect’ more than swearing internally about Karl Robinson’s tactical decisions for 90 mins.


0-0 at half time in the DiS derby. Plymouth by far the better side and should be out of sight.


1-1 at half time in the other DiS derby.

We fucking scored a goal!!!

Congrats! :sweat_smile: I’m enjoying it so far.

Any more of your fans been banned for life yet?

Ryan Lowe’s been banished to the scaffolding at the back of one of the stands, not sure for how long though.

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Hopefully 100 years.


Can he drum as well as the guy at Norwich?

Pretty standard Lancs derby so far. You’re definitely the more threatening, but if we keep it tight we’ve got every chance here still.

Agree that there’s a sending off brewing, Ali McCann being on a yellow from 3 minutes in is a real concern.

Lol, Ledson on for McCann at half time. Called it.

Also, paging @stupidsexyflanders for your regular Ryan Ledson update x

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LEGO!!! Love that cheeky scamp.

We could do with someone like him this season tbh

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Bah. That’s been coming for 70 minutes.