EFL in the autumn (September/October)

Just missed an open goal. Oof.

Julian Casablancas is coming on for Preston

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We could do with trying to have a kick of a ball this half if we’re going to win tonight I reckon.

Congrats @Funkhouser. Thoroughly deserved.

Really worried for us this season, weak at the back, toothless up front and no sign of things changing. Not happy.


Yeah from what I’ve heard we should have put that to bed way before we did. Pleasantly surprised at our season so far AND @BobRickerton’s lads did everyone a favour too!

Hey gang! Which PNE player am I currently sat behind in Salford McDonalds!?

Current not former - they’re sporting an official club polo!!!

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More like Exeter Shitty, right lads!

Coughed up the tenner for IFollow, bonkers game with both teams looking a bit shit and really good simultaneously. Think we edged it and deserved it on the balance, they’ll be fine though. Can’t believe we’re 8th despite barely being good for a cumulative 90 minutes across the season.

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More posting like this is highly encouraged across the forum.

As the Clash once famously sang, Ben Whiteman (In Salford McDonalds)


Up the fucking tics

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Oooh, missed this.

Ben Woodburn strikes me as a the type to sport a club polo in a Maccys?

Watching us regularly has been a challenging experience this year. That lad who got the stadium ban got lucky.

It was Emil Ris everyone! He was with his family and waited ages for his order. Thanks for playing!

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Dammit. I missed this but I would 100% have said


Imagine if his middle name was Andrea

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I would best describe myself as…

  • Ineffectual
  • Energetically wasteful
  • Languidly clinical
  • A constant threat

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