They’re back with a new album and tour:

First single is nice enough, and possibly the first time they’ve sung in Danish?


Used to love them so much then they lost me with Magic Chairs.
I’ve never been able to get back into them. :frowning:

Ahh they’re still amazing live - saw them do the Piramida album with orchestra a few times and it was so much fun despite that album being fairly average. Both Liima albums (their other band) are also pretty great.


I’m so so happy for a new Efterklang album. Liima have been very good, but not as great as Efterklang. Will definitely be seeing them in Barbican, and will see if I fancy another trip somewhere else to see them also.


Fully lost me on record, but I love to see them live still. Efterklang at the QEH a while ago was one of the most joyous experiences I’ve ever had.


First saw them live in 2009 in Taylor John’s House (now The Tin Music and Arts) in Coventry; amazing show in a small, crowded venue, sweat dripping from the ceiling. Still wear the T-shirt I bought that night. Cutting Ice To Snow is one of the best songs to experience live - so euphoric.

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I saw them in the Royal Albert Hall supporting Foals years ago and they were a shell of the band I used to love. :frowning:

I just like saying ‘Efterklang’


Barbican tickets bought!

Ahhh, their debut was so good. I still have the T-shirt somewhere. Maybe will give the new one a listen for old time’s sake

Adore this band. Tripper is an all timer for me, as is Piramida. Surprised that hasn’t gotten more love on here. Its so concise and beautiful.

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