eg ie

Dunno what either of them mean or when to use them

Eg ie eg ie eg ie
Oi oi oi!


Eg means for example and ie means that is


ie is an example given to prove a previous statement.

eg is what chickens lay.


I know now but I took a long time to get round to looking it up

Why do either of those things mean that?

E.g. is used when you state something then give examples whereas i.e. is when you state something then provide elaboration

I like posters on drownedinsound i.e. those people who create the content I read daily

I like posters on drownedinsound e.g. tkc

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They’re from latin. Dunno what the latin phrases were

Ah yeah, it’s always something to do with Latin isn’t it.

Thank you

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It’s taken 11 years but I’ve FINALLY used some of my degree

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You could say “I’ve used a degree of my degree”

I could do yeah!

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Are you supposed to? I would love it if it was a hyphen instead…

That part.


“eg ie”

Shit browser?

for ienstance

@epimer can you copyright this for me pls.


id est? no i’m the idest

AP Style requires a comma I’m afraid.

i never know whether to put a full stop after or not

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