Egg nog

Enjoyed reading this earlier

Hitchcock went down to his room to sleep. Three times he heard knocks on the door only to find no one there.

Three other cadets were discovered by cadet James G. Overton, a relief sentinel and not involved in the parties, and questioned about their actions. They gave a drunken explanation about needing drums and a fife.


Not sure I’ve ever had it. Do like a snowball though

Isn’t advocaat and egg nog the same stuff? I’ve seen bottles of it at the supermarket and it looks well eggy

Isn’t an egg nog advocaat and something else? Not too sure, it’s always confused me a bit

Maybe. I saw a recipe that was basically loads of eggs + cream + booze.

Advocaat probably does the eggs and booze bit

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Could murder a bag of eggnog rn




Was going to post this :laughing:
Edit: why do my gifs never show any more :sob: (it was homer figuring out barts punishment of no nog at all)

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ATD dropped some homemade eggnog round to us a few days ago. Not sure if avocaat is the same thing but if so you definitely notice it’s more artificial or can taste the preservatives compared to the homemade stuff

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