Egg observation

Egglord (edgelord)


Ideal number of poached eggs = 2


Took inspiration from you and stuck a little spoonful of dijon in the egg mayo. Good sandwich

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Last time my partner went to that London she went for a pub lunch with family and was served a one egg omelette.

Probably cost £12 if I know anything about it!


If you mix a egg lightly with a fork, then fry it like a fried egg, it is surprisingly big.

Plus it doesn’t have a disgusting runny filling like normal eggs.

I hate the filling in a egg.


In a weirdly specific bit of egg-pun competition, this is literally just around the corner…


must have done this before



Poached can be better than fried but effort to reward puts fried ahead

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Not getting all the effort required for poached. Seems like less hassle than scrambled to me. And the clean up afterwards is definitely less of a pain!

Do these places only sell egg in a bun type things?

They’re really just cafe’s that specialise in egg based/egg adjacent breakfast options with artisanal breads and complicated ingredient lists.

Personally I’d rather go for a decent quality greasy spoon…

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Once got 4 (four) fried eggs for breakfast in Slovakia, with salami and bread. As we’d drunk up a bottle of Slivovice between two and such and such number of beers the night before, it was ‘a good system’.

fascinating how someone can be so wrong so often about so many different things, you simply have to respect it

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After how many eggs do you think you’d be eggbound?

3 I would think.


Wanna make your omelette better (omeletter? idk)? Make it with cheese and tarragon. Your tastebuds will thank you (unless you don’t like tarragon, in which case that’s fine, who am I to tell you what to do)

Correct. Absolutely hopping mad if I order eggs benedict and only get one. That’s half a muffin you tightfisted gits.


If I got offered one egg I’d think the chef has really Benedict (been a dick) to me