Eggheads is on Channel 5 now

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Is that person who wrote in their book they killed someone still on it?

I didn’t, but that’ll be by virtue of it being the dullest programme on TV. Last watched it about 5 years ago when one of my ATDs was on it, and even the novelty of seeing my mate on the telly didn’t stop it being ridiculously dull.

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Imagine the uk’s greatest quizzing minds stumped by this question

Really makes you think about what quizzing is really all for in the greater scheme of things

So the eggs have it.

The eggs have it.



I sometimes hate watch the jez vine show and it’s really horrendous guests (though sometimes you get owen jones/ ash sarkar) and they’ve been talking about this a lot since he presents it
Jeremy Vine’s a dickhead though, so.

nah not for years, #cancelled by #thelaw

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I like Storm.

Nah she’s a centrist melt if ever I’ve heard one

Have it on fairly decemt authority that she’s a GBOL but sometimes you just can’t trust the judgement of others.

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Eggheads is fucking shite though. Smug twats too. Hate when they don’t just give the answer that they know, but run through the other options going ‘well it’s not this one because blah, blah, blah and not this either because blah, blah, blah’. Get on with it, fuckheads.

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  • Eggheads
  • The Chase

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The Chase but I’m not happy about having to vote in favour of it at all.


Please don’t be unhappy - voting is not compulsory.

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can’t believe you’d say this, how do you think Barry is going to feel now?

Fuck Barry.


I’m watching it now. Quite odd isn’t it how BBC just sells shows off like this and Bake Off and they get all the same set design, logos, the works.
This is still noticeably shitter though, they’ve clearly got a channel 5 director who’s used to reality and he keeps cutting back to close ups for reactions.

They’ve also shorted it to half hr and 4 contestants on each team. Scandalous.

The BBC lost Bake Off to Channel 4 as they offered more, didn’t they? Think it’s cos it’s in the hands of the production companies not the channel, so that’s why they keep the sets etc.

This is probably the same - either Channel 5 offered a better deal or BBC opted not to renew it.

Good points on the director. Since it’s channel 5, they’ll probably give us a preview of the answers coming up when the programme starts and have a reminder of what happened in part 1 after the adverts.