🥚 Eggs 🥚

Obviously a key ingredient in many nice things, but in their own right, merely ‘not bad’. Fried eggs are massively overrated. Scrambled are obviously very nice if made well (ideally by me), poached are nice too but only now and then. Got to be part of a much bigger whole, rather than just egg & chips or on toast. Like most things, really nice when pickled. Eggs - not all they’ve cracked up to be.

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Do love a good easter egg.

This thread isn’t about easter eggs, Theo. Please don’t spoil my Easter thread plans.

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You really can’t beat a frittata.

I have never eaten an egg unless it was an ingredient in making something else (eg never had a fried, scrambled, poached egg etc)

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I love to eat scrambled eggs with a touch of parmesan and black pepper


went years barely having dippy eggs & soldiers but thinking “man, this is great, i should have this all the time” then forgetting and going through the same thing 6 months later. then it clicked and i started having them pretty much weekly and life improved at least 13.5%


I think someone’s telling a porky.

eggs are great. so much you can do with them. so quick to make as well.


Ooh, that reminds me I have a slice left over from the other day

Be a bit of a shit lie to make up

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in that order

Got into gammon egg and chips again a bit over lockdown. Underrated pub grub. HAve to be careful salting the egg though as if it’s a salty bit of gammon underneath then you could be in trouble depending on your technique.

Scrambled are the best by far though - get them right (which isn’t hard but jeez, people manage it) and you’re never disappointed.

Not arsed with boiled. Masterchef continuously put me off even trying poached years ago so can’t be bothered there. Omelette? don’t mind if i do - few shrooms and some tabasco. boom.

I would probably agree really - not bad.

(eggy bread can get in the bin while we’re at it)

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I’ve always said that food lies are the strangest thing about this place.

I may well have had one in my younger years but I havent had any form that I can remember. Don’y like the look, the smell, the name. Get rid

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in preparation though, some beating or whisking is required

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Genuinely think that one of the best breakfasts is scrambled egg with a bit of feta cheese in and some sort of greenery - chives maybe - on thick cut fresh granary bread with full-fat Lurpak, and ground pepper.

Boiled (with soldiers)
< sizeable gap >