Fucking love the ones that hang around with cows

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This is a bad card.



Redhead + Egret = Regret?

Cracked it.

You need to up your penoiding, pal. I mean I’m not talking epimer levels, just a bit.

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Thought this might be some dismal e-card type thing.

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I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.

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The fuck does “cannot be knelt” mean?

If you try and knel them you can’t do it.

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Oh yes of course.

You turn cards sideways to show they are “knelt”. They then can’t do certain actions (ones that require kneeling as a cost).

It’s a holdover from an imaginary time where Wizards of the Coast had a trade mark on “tapping” of cards, except I don’t think this was ever true and is just one of those things that everyone “knows”.

This thread has taken a really interesting turn, hasn’t it.

god i hate rezzed pieces of ice

I don’t, I swear!

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Me too man, me too. Going to play a deck this weekend that gets rid of all of them from play, just to be a dick.