Fucking love the ones that hang around with cows



This is a bad card.




Redhead + Egret = Regret?

Cracked it.


You need to up your penoiding, pal. I mean I’m not talking epimer levels, just a bit.


Thought this might be some dismal e-card type thing.


I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.






The fuck does “cannot be knelt” mean?


If you try and knel them you can’t do it.


Oh yes of course.


You turn cards sideways to show they are “knelt”. They then can’t do certain actions (ones that require kneeling as a cost).

It’s a holdover from an imaginary time where Wizards of the Coast had a trade mark on “tapping” of cards, except I don’t think this was ever true and is just one of those things that everyone “knows”.

This thread has taken a really interesting turn, hasn’t it.


god i hate rezzed pieces of ice


I don’t, I swear!



Me too man, me too. Going to play a deck this weekend that gets rid of all of them from play, just to be a dick.