Eh Oh Eh Oh Eh Yay Yoo

Genuinely think Copeland is THE greatest of drummers, hmmm, Lombardo, DAMN. Anyhoo, I like this. Unfashionable band maybe but I will always love them.

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Tinky Winky Dance GIF by Teletubbies


Andy Summers is fucking 80!

Get Lombardo in Metallica. Better?

This is some Metallica / Slayer shit. Belladonna on vocals, and, oh, that would be good, dreaming.

Possibly the most nervous night of Lars Ulrich’s life - “what if they twig how good they could sound with a real drummer?”


I was at this. I Dave played a couple a tracks well, but Joey Jordison did most of the set and my word did his drumming work with Metallica.


Didn’t realise he was so much older than Sting and Copeland.