Anyone been there / lived there? Worth a visit?

Been twice (once was a work trip during a design festival) prob wouldn’t really recommend it. Lightbulb museum and not much else.

Lightbulb museum sounds illuminating at least


I went there for the Fuzz Club Eindhoven festival in 2018. It isn’t my favourite Dutch city. No canals in the central bit and not as pretty as Utrecht.

If you can get a cheap fight to Eindhoven then maybe go somewhere else since the Dutch rail system is pretty cheap and reliable.

Only ever been there for gigs. The main venue is pretty cool.


Can’t think of anything else to recommend. PSV are from Eindhoven.


Until they go on strike (like right now)


It’s fine, but not so exciting. I did a walking tour finding out about all the ex-Philips history of the city, it was moderately interesting. There are some cool bars there though, especially since it’s got that industrial vibe. If you’re there in the autumn, the festival of lights is supposed to be cool.

Den Bosch is nearby which is a cuter place to visit in my opinion.

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Could do a night in Den Bosch if you reckon it’s decent.

Always found the people much friendlier than in Amsterdam.

Nightlife will be much better in Eindhoven, and it’s all very close by train, I’d recommend staying in Eindhoven and visiting Den Bosch for the day personally.

OK sounds like a plan thanks :slight_smile:

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We’ve had a great time in Eindhoven! (silly football exempted)

Currently drinking ice cold Hoegaarden and playing darts at Herbert Oud Eindhoven, with the coolest and nicest owners ever (we were drinking with them until late last night). Also had a fantastic few hours in the Bierprofessor yesterday steadily working our way through the 300+ beers and getting lots of free tastings. Other nice places were the 100 Watt brewery and the Pand P theatre bar.