El Weekendío Continentalé Scorchio - The Weekend Football Thread



Given that we all know the Premier League’s pretty shite bar about three teams, and most of the games below it are likely to fall foul to the Beast from the East it’s probably a good weekend to watch some actually entertaining football rather than pretending to like Rugby League, eh.

Porto v Sporting

Lazio v Juventus
Leipzig v Dortmund
Napoli v Roma

Barça v Atleti
City v Chelsea
Milan v Inter
Valencia v Betis

What are you watching?
Who are you backing?
Who’s getting the pivos in?

OFFICIAL thread for cataloguing when people done other people there 2.0: The Bloodening




boro v leeds tonight



well, if there’s no prem or champ on, I won’t be watching anything, obvs


Brentford v Cardiff has been postponed, so just deferring us derailing their promotion bid


Being paid to write my silly European Power Rankings. Living the dream



Dundee Desperados P-P Moray Mints
Glasgow (The Good Ones) P-P Ben Nevis Wanderers
Gretna Greens P-P Edinburgh Airport
Uist Ham United P-P Glasgow (The Bad Ones)
Oban Park & Ride P-0 Partick Thistle


No non-league this weekend, SHOCKINGLY.

Will be aiming for the Milan derby and Leipzig Dortmund with a bit of luck. Some proper tasty Serie A action this weekend.


Cardiff not playing until Tuesday. Risk free bantering afoot.


Imagine having to go for a meeting with Gareth Southgate and act interested and pretend to laugh at any jokes he made. Bleak.


guarantee he references himself being in the nike advert


*pizza hut


That’s the equivalent to hitting the post, that. So near and yet Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle are wetting themselves, pointing at poor @Ruffers.

(FWIW, Nike advert somehow sounded right to me on first viewing).


he is in the new nike advert


I don’t watch adverts. Particularly not Nike ones. Or adidas. Nothing will beat Brazil in the airport or those robot war Adidas ones.


this made me beg me mam for total 90s as a yoof


Made an equivalent of this with pals at school which is still floating about somewhere. Big nostalgia.


classics these


Chrissy Smalling nominated for February Premier League Player of the Month.

Great banter.