Elastica. Doing something. Maybe

No sign of Justine though so that wouldn’t make it Elastica - pretty sure she’s said in interviews that she has no interest in ever coming back to music.

She did. The same interview you mention (done last year) also revealed that they were due to remaster the first album at some point in 2017. I suspect that’s why they are in the studio without Justine.

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Ah right.

That is incredibly unexciting


Maybe you’ll be lucky and there’ll be a remastered version of Donna Matthews doing Christian music included as a bonus?

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Still be better than the Klang album.

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Who knows, maybe they are going to make a new album/tour but Justine was pretty emphatic about not wanting to return to music in the interview.

Probably another remix of Ready To Go


That Twitter account which her bandmates say is Justine’s. It isn’t now, is it?

Nice work.

Maybe they finally got round to listening to the rest of Wire’s back catalogue?