Elbow - Little Fictions (New album)

Released February 3rd. I listen to TTOALOE more than any other Elbow album, so that makes me excited/nervous about this. Seeing them in Feb too


Cue loads of replies of ‘lol how many times does he mention eyes in the song’

The new song is good. Don’t think they’ll ever top Cast of Thousands buy they remain reliably great (and I include Build a Rocket Boys in that)

always felt that “asleep in the back” was better than “cast of thousands”

both great though

diminishing returns since then though sadly

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Contemplating seeing them again but I don’t think anything will top their set at Manchester Apollo last year - playing songs from TTOALOE which reminded me of some of the best months of my life working abroad at the time it came out (and cue me being the only person blubbing my eyes out in the crowd) and actually playing old stuff from their first few albums.

Think I’ve seen them four times now I’m more wary of them playing more songs from TSSK and BARB! again.

Quite like this new one btw.

Hmmmm, ‘The Birds’ is one of my absolute favourite live songs


Aye, first time I heard it was at a live show. It’s a belter

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Time for my quarterly defence of Elbow? Last couple of albums have lacked the consistency of their earlier work, but have contained some terrific individual songs (The Birds, Sad Captains, Build a Rocket Boys, This Blue World). Seen them 5 times and always outstanding - 6th time coming up on the next tour :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed their set in Hammersmith last year when they played lots of older songs, although a bit sad seeing so many people in the crowd clearly waiting for them to play the famous ones, looking bemused at the dirty bass on Bitten By The Tailfly.

He sings about :eyes: a lot, but that’s part of the charm for me. Probably never gonna top Leaders of the Free World, but the latest single is nice and I’m excited for the new album.

Also hold a special place for me as one of the few bands my wife really loves and will join me at gigs for. Mirrorball was our first dance at our wedding - think I may be a blubbering mess next time I hear that live.

Needlessly_Defensive ^thised this


Went the bleepy bloops kick in :heart_eyes:

And then “do they keep those fiiiiiiinal kiiiii-iiii-sssseeeeeeessss in their tiny racing heeeeeaaaarrrts?” - possibly my favourite Elbow line.

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Totally agree.

I’m talking more along the lines of the big anthemic singalong ones where when you’ve seen them once, they’re a bit tiring.

I’d love to hear them play ‘Jesus is a Rochdale Girl’ or ‘Dear Friends’ live but it probably won’t happen.

Word. Most of BARB falls into that category.

This will be the first time I’ve seen them live, unfortunately I didn’t manage the last tour, so I don’t think I’ll see many TTOALOE songs. I don’t agree that it lacks consistency, I don’t think I’d remove a single song from the running order, but BARB was a bit hit and miss.

Mirrorball is a lovely choice, currently Switching Off is a favourite for my upcoming nuptials, if my thinly veiled will let me be so melancholy. The sentiment is perfect, though. Think i might start a thread about this…


Ah that would be lovely. Entrance music or first dance? The chorus is such a wonderful swell and I love the sentiment. I would certainly post in a thread on wedding music.


On my 2nd listen of this & it’s a belter. Their best in ages. The closing track, Kindling is lovely.
Had lost interest in Elbow after the last couple of albums, which while containing a few great songs each, were very patchy.
This one’s a lot more consistent & also benefits by not chasing big festival tunes.

Had a couple of listens today. Really like ‘Head For Supplies’.

Just bought it, haven’t listened to it yet.

Not got tickets for the tour, but I’m hoping they’ll play just before Radiohead on the Friday of Glastonbury. If they’re playing, that’s the slot they’ll play.

A little tired of hearing songs from The Seldom Seen Kid and Build A Rocket live. At least they’ve stopped playing Open Arms, that one never worked. And as has been pointed out above, The Birds and Lippy Kids are always incredible.

Honestly, they can play whatever they like so long as they play Scattered Black and Whites. My favourite Elbow song, never seen them play it.

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I can see myself having K2 on repeat for the next few weeks - gorgeous.

Big fan of the sludge metal parts. I’ve been saying for a while they needed to do something a little different. A pleasant surprise.

I’ve seen them play that a few times!

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An absolutely perfect song.