No idea if anyone here is a fan but just in case - there’s a new album coming in February and there are tour dates in March:

I still really like them. Hell, I even like Build a Rocket Boys. Don’t think they’ll ever top Cast of Thousands though.

Looking forward to several heartfelt and sweeping ballads referring variously to yer eyes, your eyes, her eyes and what a cheeky fucking bugger you are. Something’snot right here.

Liked the last album. I’d love to see them go back to a claustrophobic sound like AITB, but they just won’t will they? all in all though, despite the repeated themes and sounds, they have always written decent albums, and I’m looking forward to another one, even if i no longer buy them on day of release.


I’d love to see them throw a curveball and ditch One Day Like This etc and play the entirety of Asleep at the Back to a bemused arena crowd. I listened to that the other day and it’s still a wonderful album 15 years on.

Didn’t feel that enthused by the last album but I still have a lot of time for them. Looking forward to th new record.

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The EP that came after the last record (Lost Worker Bee) was really good. A bit of a nod back to their earlier sound. Between that, Fly Boy Blue/Lunette, Charge and My Sad Captains from the last album, I see some room for hope.

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Bafflingly popular music Mogadon.

Yeah, I really quite enjoyed the last one, they just lost me post LOTFW for a bit.

How much have you listened to asleep in the back?

Yeah, the mercury one, bar a few songs was a heap of bland and I get why people don’t like the one after that

Tried to listen to the one with the spiral cover before. Boring as fuck.

dunno what that is, but listen to Asleep in the back, preferably without the title track as that was added years later.

*one year later

That’ll be the Black Keys, mate.

still doesn’t belong there.

And neither do This Charming Man and How Soon is Now on The Smiths and Meat is Murder, but I’m still glad someone crowbarred them in anyway

i’m not saying it’s not a decent song, it’s just that I’ve always loved the original album, as it was released 15 and some years ago, and it ruins the flow for me.

The first 3 albums all have that desire to include epic moments. It’s a bit simplistic as a description, but there’s somewhat of a balance on those albums between times when they are ‘prettifying’ a song and when they are ‘gritty-ing’ it. You can definitely understand how the band who made Any Day Now or Ribcage might do a One Day Like This.

The balance got really lost on #4 and 5 and it affects the records though the criticism for The Seldom Seen Kid is a bit over the top…It’s more radio-friendly and less interesting musically. But could they really be begrudged wanting to make something with that record that went for a lusher, warmer sound and wasn’t just aimed at those who had bought the last 3 albums? Is it their fault One Day Like This became a festival singalong and lost some charm?

The last EP and bits of the last album give me hope they might take a different turn; but even if the new one is patchy/inconsistent or love-and-hateable (like many see #4 and #6 as) there’ll likely be the odd pearl. And when Elbow are good they can create something damn fine.


Weirdly I don’t know what album cover I am thinking of now. I have tried listening to Elbow, though, and they bored me.

An album with something like this on the cover

That’s Electric Soft Parade mate.