Love Elbow. They’ve not produced dud-free albums for a while now, but there are always enough gems (4 or 5 on the last release) to make the live experience one of my absolute favourites. Seen them 5 times and will be booking tickets this time as well. Also one of a very select group of bands the wife really loves, which adds extra meaning to their music for me.


Cheers. Same period right?


Imagine being dismissed as boring by Theo.


Imagine a one-schtick-pony like you trying to lay a burn like that :wink:




My aim wasn’t to irk you so massively, captain.


That’ll be Caribou Theo…


We’re always bants, bud.


Caution: song may not actually be very disco-y


I really like that. Couldn’t care less whether it’s fashionable to like Elbow anymore.



First and third singles make me think I’m going to end up becoming obsessed with another one of their albums, we shall wait and see.

Also very pleased to see they’re playing in Kent as part of the forest shows in the summer, gives me a bit of time to listen to the album, look at the setlists and decide whether I want to go.


New album tomorrow - looking forward to waking up to it on my phone.


Like that Gentle Storm track.