Elden Ring

Has gone gold so looks like you can start your 31 day timers now:



It’ll take me double that, I’m not good at these games. Unless I can parry god my way through it like Sekiro, in which case I’ll race ya

30 hours doesn’t seem very much

Wait till the speed runners figure it out

Would love to see some proper Morrowind level broken speedrunning in this.

Reckon 30 hours equals about 100 for me.

Contemplating getting the old PS5 for this.

Small chance I’ll actually play as something other than just a sword boy for this. Literally have no idea how magic works in Souls games thus far.

does that 30 hours include the 25 i’ll spend moaning about it here or not?


I’m tempted to go in as a magic boi first time through. Especially if I’m unemployed. Really need to fill out those hours.

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God, can’t wait to get to a bit where I literally can’t damage a boss because it’s immune to the one magic damage type I’ve built my entire character around and there’s no Wiki yet to teach me how to get around this.

Best days of our lives


Then the answer being “You missed the magic wall that you can walk through 2 hours away on the other side of the map but only if you’ve got the magic boots on at precisely 9.39pm and have killed 3 enemies for your karma to be good”

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I’ve managed to avoid almost any info about this other than it being open world. I need to be utterly baffled from the start. Completely lost. If I haven’t spent a decent chunk of the first several hours questioning whether or not I’m enjoying myself at all - what even is fun, why am I like this, and so on - I won’t feel I’ve got my moneys worth at all.



This just made me shudder

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Like a piss shudder though, right? Vaguely pleasurable

I’ve never played a souls game but like really hard games as a rule. It comes out a week after horizon so I don’t know if I’ll get it on day one because it will just sit there otherwise.

did we need another thread for this?

Got launch day booked off work but bloomin’ family want to go out and do stuff on the Saturday. Don’t they realise I have been waiting for this since 2019!

My Dark Souls and other associated games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending thread (part 2) will be hitting the post limit fairly soon so… yes. Yes we do.