Elden Ring

Lenonine down, and have gotten a lot further into stormveil too. There’s a stretch where there’s no grace point for fucking ages and i think i’m too tired to keep trying at it for now


just completed this! first game since ps1 era Final Fantasies that I think I will ever have genuine nostalgia for; can’t imagine what it would be like if I’d played it when I was young and impressionable!

(only got into From games (beginning with Bloodborne) around the time this came out, currently also playing Dark Souls 3 - all incredible, all seem good for different things, but Elden Ring is my favourite so far. Bit strange to feel like a genuine fan and not just like these are some games I sometimes play, like I do with every other game!)


Oh shit



I have the Dark Souls board game and that is great so if this ends up being anywhere near as good as that then I will definitely be interested in this.

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So got a bit fed up dying brutally in stormveil and started doing my usual riding around the edge of everything to check for caves and so on.

Have found shortcut into the lakes. Seen some mad shit and just found the bellum highway.

Question: do I need to do stormveil then? Is it worth it?


You will need to do stormveil at some point as this is the first proper “dungeon” area of the game and completing it advances the main plot, but the game wants you to go off exploring and levelling up before you necessary get through the whole castle so absolutely go off and have a wander.

It is worth it though as there are some good weapons to find in there as well as a great boss fight.


Okay nice, thank you!

Decided that I hadn’t spent enough time in weeping peninsula so started finding mini dungeons

Just got some new ashes but haven’t levelled mind enough to use them yet. Boss was a shadow dickhead who could fire green slime


Finally, some good news.

Put the Godskin Duo down at the second attempt. Then died to some lingering black flames and immediately got stomped by the first knight on the way back. Bye bye 180k souls.


General rule of thumb for 90% of this game.

If you’re in an area getting pummelled repeatedly, then maybe it’s best to go somewhere else and come back later. The directional light arrows’ on the map mean you can always pick up your main quest point later.


it’s easy to forget how fucking massive Stormveil really is, even hunting for the various talisman is a tall task

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I learned this playthrough that I missed about half of Raya Lucaria first time

Guessing you did the exact opposite of me. I spent ages working my across rooftops only to eventually find out it was a dead end and if I’d turned the other way hours ago I could’ve gone straight to the boss.

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still cracking on with Malenia, I have armed myself with the RoB and a cold Uchi and am trying to re-learn the entire fight. Instead of running towards the camera for everything I am rolling top left which avoids most of her combos. Jury is out on the waterfowl dance but if you use a shield she doesn’t regain that much health overall. Taking cues from my man mnp on never giving up!


Never Give Up.

I double-handed the RoB and spammed the special attack when I got her down. She’s actually not got that huge a health pool so if you’ve got the stamina to keep pressing the attack you can do it.

Utterly impossible as a 100% mage/caster though in my experience.

I think he’s doing it SL1, which I cannot imagine how difficult that would be for one single minute.

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:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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It’s not doing THAT much damage unfortunately compared to how much FP it consumes

Rock Sling might work as she dodges early and the rocks still hit her. Problem is only 1 or 2 hit her so you’d need to do it A LOT.

can test on my mage when I’m done with this character

This was the first strategy I tried on her. It’s hard to know how much was me not knowing the fight and how much was it not quite working, but I didn’t have much success. She’s just a bit too fast for “stand back and lob boulders” to work out, at least in my experience. :sweat_smile: