Elden Ring

I feel like this about all Soulsborne bosses. Such a hollow feeling beating a boss with summons, I’ve managed to solo every one in every game so far. I will not be defeated!


Hard hard disagree. I’ve beaten almost all the from bosses solo in the past couple of years but my initial games were all about the jolly co op and there is also a buzz, albeit a different one, that comes from co op boss vanquishing. It may not be as “pure” but it can sometimes be more fun!

Some of my absolute favourite souls experiences involve me dancing round the ankles of a boss while my irl mate fires off spells or vice versa. Don’t knock summons! It’s different but equally valid.


Sorry I didn’t mean to knock anyone who enjoys co-op. That opinion is obviously perfectly valid. I’ve also enjoyed specific playthroughs (esp on Bloodborne) that have been fully co-op with friends. All I meant was my stupid brain has a need to ‘tick off’ bosses as having been done solo. When I had to summon all those years ago for Ornstein and Smough I had to wait until NG+ until I felt like I’d actually bested them.


I am once again complaining about the targeting system and hitboxes for any enemy bigger than a giant wolf with a sword in its mouth

It’s honestly the only way I enjoy the games anymore. I’m not there for the difficulty walls as much as experiencing the world they’ve built. I enjoy the combat, but the level design and world building are what make Souls games so good I feel. I’d rather summon someone in for a decent challenge so I can see the next strange enemy or location.


Please keep us updated as nobody plays this game anymore

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I’m playing at glacial pace due to childcare/work. Got the game on release and at this rate I’ll have beaten Malenia by 2024.


ooh let’s do a race

I did the successful waterfowl bait with the kukri today about 60% of the time, the other 40 she just did it right in my fucking face

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I’ve moved onto Radagon now. Seems slightly easier although still fucking solid. Never have any estus left for phase 2.

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Got too many games to play… so I’m playing another run at Elden Ring. Was worth spending ages on my character’s face again.

Thought I’d been pretty thorough in my first play through, but finding plenty I missed first time round. Going to do Ranni’s questline - messed it up before.


I ticked off all of Elden rings except Malenia solo on my first run. I’ve accepted it’s beyond me, though admittedly thought the same of Sekiro, so maybe, sometime.

On my next playthroughs have found it’s a lot of fun messing around with ashes, moreso than actual real people.

When you summon it’s such a minefield of whether you get a total dud or an absolute master. With the ashes you know how much help they’ll be before the fight.

They’re pretty generous with the upgrade materials too so you can have half a dozen on the go. It’s not simply them making the fight easier but bringing a new dynamic to them that’s fun and feels different to pure solo.

I like fighting with my skeletal buddies even if they are just cannon fodder. Trying to keep your ashes alive by the end of a fight is a challenge in itself.

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Had a frustrating hour and a half go at Radagon/Elden Beast last night. I’m doing some great DPS with carian slicer so I can get the former down relatively quickly. Issue is I’m trying to conserve healing for the latter so I end up getting killed by the former’s ridiculous AoE attacks and getting frustrated that I can’t always get him down. Really just want to learn the timings for the beast but it’s that classic latter day Souls thing of making you beat the first stage of a multi stage fight over and over and getting so irritated you end up making mistakes.


Multi stage fights where the second or third stage build on the rhythms and tactics of the first are usually great.

O+S, Fume Knight, Gascoigne, Lothric, Genichiro, Margit.

Even though I can’t beat Malenia, the second half feels like a natural evolution of the first.

When it’s literally a completely different fight, it’s a massive annoyance.

Friede, the fucking apes in Sekiro, Maliketh, and yeah, the boss at the end of Elden Ring which seems designed around having Torrent on hand to run about on but yet inexplicably isn’t there.

It’s definitely something they’ve leaned into in later games.


Still on this btw. Probably about 4 hours of trying. And Malenia is supposed to be far harder than this :upside_down_face:

Got it down to a quarter health a couple of times but honestly my attempts at the second phase boil down to what moves it chooses to do. Will feel lucky if I beat it. Not good.


It took me ages too and then it just clicked. I recall I figured out how to use the columns to heal and I think had a good summon. But he’s a prick

Care to expand on this?

Just got unexpectedly piledrivered to death by Heihachi Mishima!

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There’s some columns in the arena I recall, so when he does his blitz attack, I’d run round the back of them to give myself a brief window to heal. Think my Ash summon would distract him.

I only summoned my Ash in the second phase so they lasted longer

Got him down to within an icy sword swipe tonight. Tomorrow he’s coming down.


Had to google the name, thought it was a Sekiro miniboss. Never played Tekken. I’ve probably missed out.