Elden Ring

…and still no-one has changed the thread title (to Elden Ringpiece)

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after radahn found that underground city. then the sewers in the capital. i tried to follow a npc’s quest line. i mean i really actually tried and listed and everything. still not a clue what’s happening.

out of the sewers and along the right path hopefully. lvl 109, 177 hrs. i’m really vulnerable to lightening.


Liurnia is massive! Got a bit overwhelmed seeing unlocking the first part of the map. Will I ever finish this game?

This was a proper ‘oh shit’ moment

Liked the cut of this guy’s jib


Those guys never stopped terrifying me - I never felt like I could confidently defeat them.

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Seem to be unintentionally inching my way through a NG+ run. Just cleared Leyendell and Goddrick


Took a break to play RE:Village.

Now I’m back. I’ve got both halves of that medallion. Let’s go see what it doesssss

worst enemies in the entire game and that’s saying something

Even the ulcerated tree spirit?! But yeah, they’re so fast and so unpredictable, and powerful too - I could only deal with them from afar. That little alley at the bottom of the Haligtree was a fucking nightmare, especially with the crystal bastards tucked away there too.

Fucken hate the eagles, man.

coffee knocking GIF


still thinking about this 6 months later, confident it’s the best game ever made


Yes. Watch mr TVDenim’s video, just utter unpredictable thrashing for a move set. I thought the UTSs were a lot slower and heavier with their movements. Plus, they’re mostly bosses, while the revenants can be run into in the wild quite often and in sets

I’ve sold my PC and this game won’t run on the Steam Deck so I’ll be out of ER action for a few months. I think after Malenia I’m quite done with it anyway

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i think on balance HK I like a shred more. But it’s impossibly close.

I’ve managed to hold out on replaying it, but when it comes up to a year I’ll probably spend a month without sleep going through it again! Hoping I can leave it till the DLC.


Did you finish it? I know you did Mal at SL1.

Agree about the UTSs. They look big and scary but seemed to have quite small hit boxes when you’re dodging them.

Those other guys spitting poison and wailing on you constantly were always a nightmare.

Hmm if I’ve got Barrier Shield equipped would that work to protect at that level of thrashing about multi-hit move do you reckon?

Might have a go later see how quickly I die “leaning in” to the assault

Only my regular character Level ~170 I had a few runs at the final boss but just gave up once I got hit by that bullshit homing attack and was like NOPE

Think it depends how upgraded your shield is, and how much stamina you’ve got, etc. It would certainly protect you more, but in the case of those guys I seem to remember them being quite omnidirectional when you’re up close! Apparently there is a way to block what is arguably the most troublesome attack of the whole game (if you know you know!) if you have the right talismans and all that as well, so I guess anything is possible with the right combo!

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Hollow Knight is fantastic but there’s something about the scale of Elden Ring, how they managed to make all that beautiful architecture, those sprawling castles that seem absolutely massive and when you get there, they ARE actually absolutely massive and yet still tightly designed and navigable like classic linear levels.

Then the cutscenes with the bosses manage to be so beautiful and grotesque and exciting at the same time.


I mean full agree - there’s a really clever vibe of ‘heady atmosphere somehow created by only very tenuous lore’ - and when I say it’s close I mean I’ll possibly change my mind in hindsight.

I think for me HK had the same feeling of wonder stepping into new areas, but the story just felt a little tighter/better to give it that additional kick

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super impressive that HK was made by like 3 people or something as well

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