Elden Ring

Really really wanted to like HK but just couldn’t get into it. Found the backtracking when I died, getting lost/unsure where to go a real drag, which is ironic as those are things that FromSoft non-believers often complain about!


I can see what you mean though because with hollow knight it’s sometimes a much much longer backtracking journey than anything in from games

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plus in HK you get a map. You’ve just gotta earn it. I’ve just started my 4th run of that game in about 18months.

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Looking forward to the ‘Silksong or Elden Ring’ chats next year. Assuming it does get released in 2023! It could be phenomenal!


ER DLC + Silksong. Kiss my marriage goodbyeeeee


It’s a very frustrating boss generally because you spend most of the time trying to engage it then it fucks off across the map.

By homing attack do you mean the magic shards coming at you? If you just keep sprinting around in circles they never seem to hit.

I think it would’ve worked better with the stages swapped the other way.

Thanks. I’ll pick it back up eventually when I get a new rig in a few months. I can’t play at 30FPS on the Steam Deck. I can’t leave a boss unbeaten forever

thought i was getting somewhere, now melina wants me to go somewhere else

level 114, 181 hours


Found a bit of Leyendell that I missed before. It’s the whole Table hub area you go to regularly, but everyone is dead. It’s pretty cool and I guess it’s important, lore wise?

No idea where I go after Goddrick. I’m stumped…

I think at this point those abandoned real world hubs are just a thing From recycle in every game with an out of map hub

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Do you mean Godfrey? Because the answer is right behind him IIRC

Ah maybe. There’s a big door I think I have to go through but I can’t yet. Need to go up that lift I think but no idea how

did you do the thing after Fire Giant?

It was Morgott I just beat, just checked. Need to go to the Mountaintops area via the lift

anyone know how I can kill this fucking death bird?

probably the one boss that’s beat me the most. I’m bobbins on horseback but seems necessary.

yeah, 2 casts of flame of the redmanes will poise break

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Don’t know if you’re a caster or not but rock sling was really good for casting while on horseback.

Hang on, what? I’ve played about 200 hours of this game and just thought you couldn’t cast while on the horse. I assume i just need my magic wand in my other hand rather than ny shield hand? Why have i never tried this?


Ha it’s my number one way of cheesing those repeated field bosses. How have you ever beaten a dragon?

It doesn’t work with some of the big spells and the tracking can go quite screwy with some casting but that’s why rock sling stands out as a horse spell.

Same as always? Run underneath and chop his legs off.