Elden Ring

The boss run-up for this guy is so obnoxious, worst one in the game.

Nearly had him down on attempt 5 or so, hopefully he doesn’t take too long.

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By the way I haven’t been stuck on Malenia all this time honest. My controller started to go so I gave myself a break until I bothered to get a new one, back on this bullshit now.


I think I shelved it for a while, thought Malenia was fairer :smile:

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Lol. Absolutely fuck Starscourge. Feels impossible

  1. Ride horse in a diagonal direction to the right, until you get over the sand dune which will shield the arrows
  2. Fight on foot, stay under him/behind him
  3. Summon horse when things get hairy and gtfo there especially when he summons the comets
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Thankee kindly. Will give it a go!

If all else fails, there’s no shame in poison arrows and just riding away from him on horse

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Is he the one you can just summon loads of people to kill for you?

They seem to die v fast

You can keep summoning them though.



I beat the big time travelling dragon last night. Not too bad, maybe sneaks into the top 5 hardest bosses in the game.

Went back to Mel feeling buoyed, with my new controller at the ready. Just on another level. So hard.

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It’s not even water fowl that’s the main problem for me. It’s that combo she does after her weapon sparks. Can’t seem to dodge it.

that fucked me for days son. The four slashes? I kept trying to roll backwards or run and she pretty much always caught me.

If so, I had to train my brain to roll diagonal left forward into the first slash, then the subsequent two you’ll miss. Do a quick roll back and you’ll miss the fourth. If she delays slightly on the fourth, you have a window for an attack but ONLY if she delays.

I can link my video because she did plenty of those and I’d got the timing down really well

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Yeah I’m in a bit of a mental rut where I’m rolling back when I should be rolling forward. That fucks you for the thrust as well. I’m probably too tired to concentrate but I have a job and a baby so when else am I supposed to beat her.