Elden Ring

You can only have one active at a time unfortunately.

Can’t think who this is but thought I’d more or less cleared Caelid :thinking:

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Doesn’t he mean actually activating them at the divine tower? In which case you can’t activate Rennala’s can you?

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in redmane castle


plus his wolf mate

but yeah the end of the last three dungeons have all had ‘you know what’s worse than one nightmare boss? two of them at the same time!’ and it’s getting pretty old.

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Ah no good point, Rennala’s just means you can respec with her rather than giving you a buff like the first one.

Just coz I’m struggling to figure out where you ‘are’ at the mo

So you’re through Raya Lucaria/Rennala so far. And you’ve then gone direct to caelid right? Tbh I left caelid a long longer

There’s one you can inadvertently skip depending on your progress towards starting the Radhan Festival.

basically yeah i went and did most of liurnia, beat rennala and continued north west and found the mysterious lift thing and didn’t have whatever i needed to use it. sort felt like i’d run out of options that way so started exploring back east and didn’t expect to get too far but made it to this boss at least. other option was Sellia with all the magic doors but dunno how to open them.

feel like there’s probably something i’m missing or forgot about which is entirely likely. still feel like i’m only using about 40% of my inventory at best.

also i’m kind of asking but also kind of wary of spoilers. could obv just google it but don’t mind diddling around for a bit longer. maybe if i’ve forgotten some massive thing someone could point it out though lol.

okay. all i’ll say is from memory the mysterious thing is directly NE from raya, not NW. Other things are N/NW.


Ah, must have fucked it then! As soon as I made it Redmane it was festival time

Same for me. If you go back there now it should trigger the original.


Ahhhh righto :+1:

I spent a lot of time in Liurnia before going anywhere else, pretty much explored every possible corner I could get to and there is a tonne there. Would second @xylo’s directions though in particular if the lift is all you’ve found so far in that general direction

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yeah specially if the vibe is levelling without it feeling like forced grind

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you wanna head east of Limgrave until the sky goes red and everything looks scary

Brb jusr uaing that

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yeah turns out what i thought was the western edge of the map wasn’t at all :upside_down_face:

streaming tonight if anyone wants to tell me what to do.


fucking love those evergaols. nice work on the big lad

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fallingstar beast down. few other large/great enemies down. getting close to feeling punchy enough to fuck up giantlad