Elden Ring

Definitely, it combat is closer to Elden Ring in terms of speed and it has some of the best bosses in the series.


There’s an argument to be made for it being the best Dark Souls game. I’ve replayed it twice this year and it still works so well for me. Nothing will surprise you but it’s a LOT better looking than DS1 and doesn’t have the ‘slightly unfinished second half’ issues. Also lots of quality of life improvements: weapon upgrades and warping between bonfires are way better.

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started playing DS1 again for the moment…love that game, very relaxing just grinding up souls in the undead berg


Just wanna say I was the first person on the internet to make a From soft joke about this picture and no one can say otherwise

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I’m 14 hours in to Elden Ring and I’ve beaten a grand total of three bosses


Think that’s actually my favourite area. It’s got a great aesthetic, and great verticality/intricacy without feeling overwhelming. Love all the little nooks and how much it connects to as well. It really is the heart of that world. Feels almost like a prototypical Yharnam in some respects.


fuuuck sucked in all over again. Just smashed up the bell gargoyles and on my way to lower berg. Loving all the little ways the map loops back on itself, so satisfying


Finally beat the game for a second time after spending a bit of time off (by which I mean starting an NG+1 on my original char). Using Morgotts rune was the game changer, down on the second attempt after literally 100+ previous attempts. Moonveil and Swift Glintstone Shard spell for most of the fight, with the Black Knife Tiche summon, then Meteorite of Astel for the final nuke. So hyped! And halfway thru Faram Azula on my NG+1 so should have 100%ed the game before DLC :grinning:


why would you put the Capra Demon in that fucking alleyway!


Well that didn’t take long! Couldn’t resist finishing my NG+1 run too!


our @Malva has taken down leonine misbegotten, conquered the weeping continent and made some new pals at the roundtable hold. :crossed_swords:


*peninsula. It may feel large while you first go there, but…

blows nails


Thought I’d pick up my Elden Ring NG+ save ahead of the DLC as I still need to find and beat Mogh on my second run.

Basically can’t recall the controls or what I’m doing.

Foresee me buying the DLC, dying a lot, realising it’s going to be impossible on a NG+ save and giving up.

Is there any chance of a physical edition of the DLC coming out at the same time? Really dont wanna pay 30 quid for a download and then buy it again 6 months later. Already bought game twice ffs.

Why do you uhh have to buy the game more than once

they said it will have its own levelling up system so you can’t come in with a level 800 character and steamroll it. So I assume an NG+ character will be ok, everyone will be put on a level playing ground at the start

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need physical, gave my ps4 to my partner when i bought a ps5, thanks for asking

as if these games have a story, will watch anyway though



ohh shii physical preorder is out

but it’s £200+ lol