Election Hangover Thread - General Positivity


Can we please have a thread about some positive things about the USA? Feel and absolute cruching sadness today - can’t imagine how Americans, particularly POC, LGBTIQ, and (some, it would seem, despite voting stats…) woman must feel.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to the US I guess, what are some nice things that you’ve encountered today? Saw a teenager help an old man grab something from a high shelf at the supermarket today.


Ugh yeah I haven’t even spoken to my relatives in the US who are black and Muslim

I’ve been feeling pretty shit anyway and this hasn’t helped so I’ve planned a day soon just going to my favourite places in London (including Kew Gardens which is cheaper now it’s cold yay) and maybe find an exhibition (probably the south bank one kallgeese mentioned in that London thread) and go get a cake from my favourite bakery and have a nice lunch. On my own though so I can take my camera and be really boring and take a million photos. Surprised by how excited I am and I’m going to try doing this maybe once a month :smile:


It’s better than Mauritania I guess? Can’t think of owt else


I’m just back from a holiday to the US. I was there for just over 2 weeks and only met one pro-trump dickhead. Everyone else I met was cool. Was there for Halloween and there were plenty of people dressed as ‘bad hombres’ and ‘nasty women’ to mock Trump.

In short, the place has its problems, but there are a lot of good people living there and they will pull through this. They’ve completely shat the bed with such a low turnout and they’ve got a tough 4 years ahead of them, but I’m confident a lot of people will band together and not take any shit.

Also, can we all agree that Michael Moore is a fucking powerclown?


Oh, and apparently there’s a new Childish Gambino album coming so that’s good. :slight_smile: