Doing a facebook Q&A thing together on sunday.
is this a reunion?? really really hope so but either way it’s imo a nice thing


Emily Ratajkowski is a fan

The most underrated band, ever.

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Saw them on the ‘No Shouts, No Calls’ tour at Scala back in the day.

What a show. What a band.

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Missed their last reunion (2011 or something?) so well up for something like this. No Shouts, No Calls is probably one of my favourite albums ever.

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Saw them supporting Arcade Fire on the Neon Bible tour. Not sure I’d come across them before but they were great, even with Brixton Academy’s cavernous sound.

Bloody love Electrelane. Saw them many times over the years. the reunion gig at the Scala was a bit of a letdown IIRC as they massively oversold the venue and it was like a sweatbox so much that I couldn’t get into it. Would be very much up for a reunion.

I was at that one too! So good!

One of the few reunions I’d make a big effort to go to. Actually one of the few bands I’d make a big effort to go to at all tbh. Love them so much.

Oh yeah as my avatar indicates atm

Rock It To The Moon was my favourite. I’ve seen them quite a few times back in the day. The best was when they supported Le Tigre at The Garage around autumn 2000. Great gig.

They’re not ruling it out at any rate! http://www.brooklynvegan.com/electrelane-say-theyre-considering-making-new-music/

I saw them play so many times in my Brighton days - they were pretty much the soundtrack to my 20s. Their farewell gig in the Pavilion Theatre and reunion in the Komedia were both incredible shows, such an amazing amount of love in the room.

Just threw this Spotify playlist together if anyone needs a refresher on how good they were.