Electric drumkits

Which one have you got? Can you recommend me one for a beginner?
Side question do you also have a practice set like this?

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(I was just googling the price of acoustic kits + snare drums in particular earlier, can’t see myself being able to play one if I had one tho, so… yeah ^^^)

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worth a read

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I was thinking about the NUX one

Really not a fan. They’re genuinely quite painful to play as the pads don’t have the same feel as a drum, so it’s like hitting hard slabs. Even the really pricey Roland ones have those mushy mesh things which also don’t feel right, and cost £6k. Bass drum will also kill your ankles.

Annoying, because (if I had the money) I’d love to be able to practise at home, but from experience I’ve hated every one I’ve played.

I have a remo mesh practice pad and I quite like how it feels. Are the electric drumkit ones similar? Way better than the rubber ones

They are better but they just don’t feel right. I guess if you just want to make a noise/record at home they do a job, but they definitely don’t improve your technique for a real one.

How would you suggest practising at home then if you don’t have the space for an acoustic set?

My setup:


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Second hand Yamaha DTXplorer. £100. It is fine.

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Do you use the coaching mode a lot? That’s the main reason that i wanna get an electric one over a set of practice pads


I had a Roland kit (as well as my acoustic kit, which I still have) and it was useless for practice. Just shit.

I have a few practice pads, and they’re fine.

Also used silencer pads on acoustic kits which are better than elctronic, but less good than practice pad.

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Sometimes use the click for a bit of practice, but the mostly use for the midi out, which is handy.

I used to have a cheap electric kit and as others have said, it was pretty useless for practicing. I’ve got one of these:

The feel is actually a lot more like a real drum (well, okay, a practice pad :grinning:) and it has the advantage of actually being a useful instrument that you could add to an existing setup.

Edit: there’s a budget version too:

had a big boy Roland one with the mesh pads but it got busted by someone else so I gave it to my friend and now it lives in his shed



My mate has one from the Yamaha DTX6 Series. Very expensive so not for beginners but it’s very impressive.

Has anyone ever tried using mesh heads / low volume cymbals as an alternative to electronic drums for indoor practice? Have been considering fitting them on my battered old kit for teaching my daughter to play

Hoping I can piggyback on this for some drum advice, we’ve got a five year old who has had a few goes on a friend’s full size kit and absolutely loves it, plus seems to have really quite good natural rhythm.

What’s the best way to get her started at home, a mini kit? Not sure I can cope with being woken at six am by that every day…


I have a Roland TD1KPX2 kit. It’s on the pricey side and if I am honest I wish I had spent a bit more and gone with TD-17KVX instead. The cymbals/stands on TD1KPX2 are a pain in the arse for rotation/creeping away, so much so I modified mine (still not perfect though). The hi-hat pedal response is a joke (much like most ekits). Also, the balance with the v-shape frame can be dodgy if you don’t get it just right/kick quite hard. However, rebound/feel on the mesh snare and toms are about as close as you are going to get to acoustic, the module is decent and it is a big bonus that they don’t take up much space (turned out I had more space than I thought… enough for the larger TD-17KVX)

Edit - another point on the cymbals on TD-1KPX2, the fact they only have a certain section that have sensors in them makes natural rotation really REALLY annoying when playing. You have to continually adjust them back to optimal striking position i.e. they are absolutely shite