Electric drumkits

Replied twice for some reason

The rotating cymbals thing is absolutely maddening! I never really fixed it either. Just sold the kit. Think I used to just wind the cybal leads round the stand a couple of times, but this only stopped one direction.

Probably just hoped the cable-tension would eventually just wreck the sockets and I could throw the kit out of the window…

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I used the 2nd tom clamp for the crash, moved it onto the 1st tom frame/bar and then had to figure out what the clamp was called and order one through a Roland dealership. Clamped the ride to the floor tom frame/bar. It eliminates the creep but not the cymbal rotation. Just paid up the credit last month and in two minds whether to buy the 17KVX and store/sell this one

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Forgot to post it in this thread but i got a nux kit

It’s a lot of fun