Electric hobs


What a load of fucking shit!


Utter bollocks


We’ve got one.

And you know what, it’s actually obviously shit


Think it’s the thing I’m most looking forward to with the house move


Once used one in a Chinese restaurant, and it was bowl-shaped for a wok. That was good.


Absolute wank.


Decent (particularly induction) ones aren’t. Once you get used to them. Yeah I know you need to get a load of new pans, I know that. Better for the environment etc. too so we should all get used to it really.


They’re properly shite


I love an induction hob


I’m not buying a load of new pans just to meet some fad, so you can induct THAT, Geoff.

(fucking love my pans)


Electric hobs
Gas barbecues

Any other completely shit cooking appliances?


As I’ve said before, you don’t say “Now we’re cooking with induction!” for a reason.


Induction though :heart_eyes:


Gas grills are terrible


Parents-in-law have an electric and it has about 5 temperature increments shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit


Jesus christ can we ban all these induction nobs. This is not their thread and their inane chat is inducing a headache


they’re great. easier to clean, look nice, make an AMAZING noise if you whack the hob up to P on mine (power setting, makes water boil in about 3 seconds)


no u


no lying in the thread please


i never lie. the quickness of it is why it’s amazing.