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I was so happy about my current flat having a gas hob, that for about a month after I moved in I yelled “GAS HOBBBBBBB!” and did a little dance whenever I used it.

I’d sooner die than go back to electric.


Yeah energy efficient and more environmentally friendly fads can get fucked!

What I like is when you stay in an AirBnB somewhere in Europe and it’s always the same - lovely new IKEA induction/electric hob, go in the cupboard and there’s a load of old, terrible pans that don’t work properly on them. Great bants.

look at niki with her science hob

alright marckee

definitely quicker than 4 minutes tbf

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Mate, Google doesn’t lie

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This might belong in the annoying partner thread, but I do sometimes yell out “and now, we’re cooking on gas”

big up the Induction hob crew. absolute joy to cook on those bad boys

Nijmegen’s planning to be gas free by 2050, so no new gas hobs allowed in new builds.


Wat wil je dat?

Sweet mother of holy fuck do I hate my electric hobs. They came with the house and I wanted to get them changed but then the main bit of the oven conked out and we couldn’t afford to replace them both. The gf somehow activated a child lock on them as well so I have to do some weird crap ritual a bit like a lazy Resident Evil puzzle every time I want to turn the bastards on. And then they never achieve the desired a temperature for more than a few seconds at a time.

They’re so fucking shit.


Have a gas hob, but only 3 out of 4 work

Was round at my folks a couple of weeks ago and my mother came in from the other room to tell me off for my langauage because I was swearing so much at their stupid fucking induction hob.

I wasn’t even trying to cook anything, I just see one and have to start verbally assaulting it :grinning::wink:


quicker than 4 minutes here VIDEO EVIDENCE M8

I love our induction hob, used to be gas until we did the kitchen up last year. Induction is so much better.

We haven’t got much space on ur worktops so sometimes I’ll put things on the hob when it’s turned off. Then it random starts beeping at me and won’t work for like 20 minutes after cause it’s a piece of fucking shit


video is OBVS sped up though :roll_eyes:

If I watch that it will never boil


honestly. cold water in a pan, whack it on the power setting, boils so fucking quickly it’s almost unbelieveable

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Couple more replies and we can push her to tea towel vine v2 I reckon


About 3 seconds, right? What happens in the other 2m5s of the video?