Electric Shock by Polyester Blazer

Boss took a post it off me and we got an electric shock and HE said OMG I can’t believe you just shocked me. I thought, shit was it my cheap H&M blazer??? How embarrassing!

How did he know it was me.

Can’t believe it isn’t in the Rough Trade AOTY list


Preferred their earlier stuff.


was that on their first album?


Did you feel the static shock?

Not sure if it’s your blazer necessarily. If you’re wearing rubber-soled shoes then there are various ways you might have built up a static charge that he discharged on touching you.

we both felt it (how romantic)

I am wearing rubber soled shoes!

Danger! Danger!
High voltage!

Yeah, it was probably you but it’s unclear what caused it.

However, plenty of suits have polyester stuff in so there you go…