Electric Skateboard

Just saw a guy skateboard past the window on an electric skateboard, I didn’t know they existed. Looked interesting, anyone tried one?

Would fear for my safety tbh



Although great fun I think we can all agree skateboards are a fucking abysmal mode of transport, motor or no


Saw a guy going down the street on one of these a while back.

Looks lethal
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These are infuriating

Looks like that bike from South Park

I’m not sure what’s more annoying, unicyclists or electro-unicyclists. Just get a bike or walk

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A “mid-life crisis” man?

Looked pretty decent and safe to me plus he wasn’t moving fast by any stretch of the imagination. had a quick look online but prices vary massively and I don’t know what would be a good one, not playing on going outside anytime soon.

I used to fantasise about getting really good at skateboarding and impressing all the cute sk8r bois, down at the skate park, with my skate skills.


Oh god I got a skateboard for this reason. I was utter shite. Couldn’t even master an ollie or a kick flip

I had a choice when I was about 11 of a skateboard or Zenyatta Mondotta LP by The Police. Chose the latter.

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it’s hard enough getting past the tourists on Grafton Street already without this fucking bellend hovering into you

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