Electric toothbrushes don't have a tongue scraper on the back

So how the fuck can I ever use one

i brush my tongue using the brush.

mad I know


my electric toothbrush has interchangeable heads and one is specifically meant for brushing your tongue

never use it though, just use the normal head. cba changing it over.

I use

  • Electric
  • Manual grafter

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Maybe we could get them to brush their tongues

I never brush my tongue. There I said it


got a free electric toothbrush a few years ago but i find it too hard to change the head so i just drifted back to manual

Bamboo manual.

What a jazz etc etc

Manual in the week.

Electric at weekend for a ‘treat’


Get a tongue scraper

One of my best ever purchases

Electric, with a normal one on the side, just for tongue brushing and dead battery emergencies

Not doing your tongue is a one way ticket to bad breath

  • correct
  • :thinking:

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Wtf is going on here


I got an electric toothbrush after getting a bollocking from my dentist. 0 fillings in my life though so I’ve had enough of experts tbqh


Life hack; create your own tongue scraper by simply applying glue to the rear of your toothbrush head and dipping it in gravel.


I only do the front bit of my tongue, maybe like 1in, because I have a gag reflex. It doesn’t seem to make any difference to my breath whether I do it or not but I do it anyway because you’re supposed to.

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same. used to get through at least one 2L bottle of various full sugar fizzy drinks daily back in the day too, amazed i even have any teeth still left. think they must have just adapted and become super strong somehow.

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Yeah I’ve had no fillings either but they look like shit and worn down. Get sensitive teeth after like a sip of cider as well, makes no sense.