Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club

My listening is a bit EOTR dominated atm…but will definitely get onto it at some point. Anything loosely labelled ambient techno always piques my interest.

First time visitor to this thread and I like what I see.

In an effort to catch up I’ve made a playlist of the albums so far. It is a collaborative playlist so feel free to add the upcoming albums.


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Great blend of electronic and acoustic:

That beat is so fucking catchy.

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Hi buddy - much as I LOVE Shpongle, this thread is primarily for discussion of a single album per week. Let me know if you would like to be added to the roster of suggestors. Frankly would be delighted if we had a psychill selection.

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I didn’t read the thread, though. Let me read it first.

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Get in here instead!

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Orbital’s finest hour I reckon - flawless from start to finish.

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I wouldn’t be!

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I’m serious!

Your reaction is a bit OTT :arrow_left: psydub joke

U wot m8?

Add me to the list of peeps who’d never heard burger/ink before (as a big GAS fan) and another whose street this is right up.

Loving it. Can only really echo what others have said. For an ambient techno album it’s groovy as shit in parts - Flesh and Bleed’s bassline, case in point. Top choice!

Not a genre I’m particularly familiar with but I remember back in the nineties I picked up Ambient Auras compilation album on vinyl second hand that had a Biosphere track on that I fell in love with. However I made no more effort to investigate until I got his latest album, The Petrified Forest, last year which was ok but didn’t blow my socks off. His discography is a bit overwhelming but there seem to be two albums suggested here that I should check out.

Reading this thread has me intrigued, I’m unlikely to be able to offer any suggestions but I plan to listen to the records already mentioned.


Substrata is his definitive album. Probably my second favourite of all time across any genre. That, Shenzhou, and Cirque are all stone-cold 10/10s


What’s your first? Is it Get to Heaven?

Ok Computer, innit. GTH is equal 6th though. Just keeps growing on me!

I would tell you that OKC isn’t even their best album…but then this will become another radiothread

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Enjoyed a stint on the rowing machine to GTH yesterday after picking it up on your recommendation. Good rowing music…

[Thinly veiled “I have done exercise. Yes. I have.”]

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