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That’s criminal :wink:
76:14 is part of that golden age of 1994 which shaped the evolution of ambient music. If folks like Eno and Tangerine Dream are the parents of the genre, then I’d file Global Communication alongside Amber, SAW 2 and Lifeforms as the kids who defined the directions the genre has grown into.


Thanks for this @wonton, had a few listens now and having looked back over my DiS mixtape club mixes was right in remembering it was a highlight of one of @static’s mixes. This thread has made me give it some time, which I’m glad I did!



Mate… :wink:




New album tomorrow, gang!


Looking forward to it


I can do tomorrow (or next week), just let me know when


Thanks for all the kind words regarding Brambles (well…for picking it), I wasn’t sure if it would be a success. Following discussions with a few people this week over the nature of texture in electronic music…hoping to go with something more “out there” and rhythmic next time :slight_smile:

Oh and @JohnM…I did use the term Dark Ambient but not as a direct label…I agree this has more in common with less experimental genres (It’s certainly not The Haxan Cloak!)


Next week sounds good. Intrigued to see what tomorrow’s picker goes with.


oh dear.


Brambles was a truly excellent choice wonton. I’ve listened to it a lot this week, so thanks for picking. I’ve been looking round for a physical copy and found that serein did a limited vinyl re-run in December after the first pressing sold out back in 2014 if anyone’s interested.


Ok everyone, my choice is burger/ink - Las Vegas (stylised as [las vegas])

burger/ink is Jörg Burger and Mike Ink. I believe Mike Ink’s real name is Wolfgang Voigt and he usually records under the name Gas who I’ve seen mentioned a few times in this thread.

Released in 1996, I only discovered this last year. My girlfriend very kindly bought me a ridiculously expensive used vinyl copy for Christmas.

As I’ve already demonstrated, I’m not very good with sub-genres but I’ve seen this described as ambient techno, minimal techno and even trance.



Thought this sounded familiar - just checked last.fm and I’ve listened to it exactly one time. Not sure why I didn’t listen to it more as I recall it being right up my street. So, yeah, good suggestion and thanks for reminding me of its existence.


not sure I’ve listened to this before. First track is like a lovely mix of Gas and Pantha du Prince


Just realised I never commented about Brambles. Been rinsing it this week - stunning stuff. This thread is making me aware of the paucity of language when it comes to this kind of music - I just reach for ‘atmospheric’ and ‘melancholy’ for the most part. It’s definitely both those things!

Looking forward to burger/ink. Techno is really nowhere near my wheelhouse but I’m interested to see if it can win me over.


Forgot to mention: for some reason most of the track titles are derived from or just straight copies of Roxy Music song titles. No idea why this is, the music seems to have no Roxy connections whatsoever.


This is the first pick that I’ve already been familiar with. Great record and looking forward to revisiting it! :+1:


Yeh great choice. I’ve been listening to it while reading Reservoir 13 which is this dark story of a girl gone missing in the English countryside and it’s paired up nicely!


Elvism is sublime - crazy how well the production is holding up. If The Field dropped this album tomorrow, folks would go nuts for it.