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Sounds like a good pairing, though I think the story may be a little dark for me. As well as me listening to it a lot, it’s migrated onto my daughter’s bedtime playlist. She has a very binary approach to music demanding either “stars in the lid” or “something else” …so this is now forming part of the “something else” rotation to join the likes of Eno, Library Tapes, SAW etc.


Yeah, it’s a great album that I’ve really enjoyed. Big thanks to @wonton for turning me on to it. My description word was going to be “crepuscular”. A couple more and I reckon we can string a review together between us.


I like all the stuff going on underneath the main ‘theme’

I was listening last night and thought exactly this. If I was played this blind I would have no idea it was over 20 years old. But then I thought is that because it’s a timeless piece of work or is it that electronic music not changed all that much in two decades? I know there’s stuff that is of its time and sounds dated now (hello dubstep) but is there a general lack of innovation from producers?


I think 95/96 is when electronic producers shifted much more into digital rather than analogue production. If you listen to slightly earlier releases like Incunabula or 76:14, they sound very much of their time. Aphex is the most obvious example, with the difference in sound between I Care Because You Do and the RDJ album, or compare Amber/Tri Repetae with Chiastic Slide for Autechre.

So there’s that aspect but also, for whatever reason, swirling minimal techno has just plain stuck around (I mean, it’s one of the best genres, so I’m glad). Not really sure why that would be the case when glitch, BoC-mimicry, dubstep, and others have had more obvious peaks before disappearing.


Oh my giddy aunt, this 6/4 loop in Bring Trance Back is :fire:


Avalon has such a classic 90s feel, hints of Reload, mu-ziq, Bandulu and others, i.e. right up my strasse. Really looking forward to the rest of this.


Yes! Proper feels for that era. Might bung these on later.


The Jealous Guy From Memphis is proper lush - vibes of early Autechre / The Black Dog / SAW 85-92


So, I’ve never heard of this album before, nor the artist, so unlike the other three (two I’ve loved, one I picked) this is the first time I’m going in blind.

Can’t wait to listen after reading the above comments. Will update in due course.


I’m totally going to have to listen to Global Communication aren’t I? Looks like there’s only one album on Spotify though (76:14).


That’s their one album. It’s Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton, who had several side projects as a duo and then have done a million different things solo and as collaborators with other artists.

The CD for 76:14 comes with a bonus CD of singles which are extraordinary and is basically another classic album in itself.


Ah, right :man_facepalming: That period of electronic music is basically a black hole for me. I was too busy listening to Pavement and Sebadoh in 1994.


Forgot you have Orbital’s Snivilisation that year as well.
Weird to think that Virgin picked up FSOL’s Lifeforms as part of a push into the scene, and SAW 2 reached 11th place in the UK album charts!


Done my first listen, and this is incredible. Baffling that I listened to it once previously and moved on. Will give it some (lots) more plays and gather some more detailed thoughts. Kudos, @JohnM - thread delivers.


Never heard this, thanks so much for picking it, sounds like it’ll be right up my street.


this sounds totally up my street


The Loscil album ought to be right in your sweet spot as well from a couple of weeks back


oh yeah I love Loscil :heart:


Stands to reason :+1:


Another album that sounds right up my street. At this rate don’t think I’ll be listening to any new music this year…