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It’s going to kill me trying not to disrupt my own thread with chat about that album…


I’m really liking this album. Loads of highlights, but to pick a few… that massive funky bassline in Elvism, the call and response loops on Flesh & Bleed, the way the sunny Balearic guitars on Bring Trance Back are undercut by some of the most menacing, broody, electronics on the album, and then the vital pulse of Do The Strand. This is a must purchase for me.

Two excellent records in a row. I’m glad I signed up for this thread


Pentamerous Metamorphosis is (sort of) another GC album - it’s their “retranslation” of Chapterhouse’s Blood Music record. If it’s a remix, it’s one from the bottom up. Doesn’t seem to be on any of the streaming services, but someone has put it all on YouTube. It’s great.



This is the highlight for me on a very good album. I’m a sucker for anything in 6/4, and I think here it’s used well to amplify that unsettling vibe.


Is it time for a new one yet?

Getting withdrawal symptoms over here


Tomorrow, innit. @jont2001 should be up.


yes mate!


Ace. Hats off to @JohnM this week. I’ve bought the album, which happens increasingly rarely in the streaming age. 9/10 album which feels like it could grow into a personal classic.


Can you add me to the list of suggestors? I have loads of (mainly minimal techno) albums I love and no one else has ever even heard of, so I’d like to have some people to chat to about them, even if they think they’re shite.

Will try and be a bit better at chatting here too. Loved that burger/ink record on the first listen, thanks @JohnM


Unlikely surely :grinning:


This one wasn’t for me I’m afraid. Dunno what it is about the more beat driven stuff that loses me but I just switch off somewhere along the line. Glad so many of you enjoyed it though.


Yep, consider yourself added


Listened to Shenzou and Substrata at the weekend. Unfortunately I found it hard to become engaged with them, they worked ok as background while reading but when just listening I found I couldn’t stay interested. I also listened to Patashnik (which I’d downloaded from emusic a few months ago but had forgotten) and preferred the more beat driven, SAW1 style, just a bit of an old raver at heart I guess!

I will keep my eye on this thread though and try out the other suggestions.


You’re not alone, much as I enjoy Shenzou and Substrata, Patashnik is his defining work for me. You can’t get much better than the pulse of the title track, the eerie samples on Decryption and the gentle washes and hums of Mir. AFXTT and I agree to differ on this one…


I listened to Patashnik for the first time in a while the other day. I did really enjoy it but I think I need slightly more lush pads in my minimal techno to properly fall in love. Same way that I need my black metal to contain a bit of harmony.


Then is it really black metal?


Harmony or melody? Melodic BM is definitely a thing but harmonious black metal seems a bit of an oxymoron!


Yeah, I guess so!




bit presumptious, he’s the one being revered and not getting eaten! Looks a bit smug if you ask me.