Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Might post mine early so people have a late night/early morning listen queued up…


11.59pm please


a little bit past my bedtime tbh!


It’s only 45 mins away!

Seriously, looking forward to your choice man


It’s basically Thursday now, so…


From wayback in 2012, Motion Sickness of Time Travel (Rachel Evans) and her s/t masterpiece. Combining ambient drone and gorgeous production mixed with etherial vocals, the LP is a 90 minute opus of shifting soundscapes mixed with deep emotion. Four tracks of at least 20 minutes each but perfectly treading the line between too immediate and distracting, and too background and subtle.

This album has travelled with me a lot and over the past 5-6 years has soundtracked many trips across counties, countries and continents. To me it’s like a jewel that appears different when the light changes, with sadness and joy, minor and major, rising and falling while the music shifts in and out of focus. Each listen reveals new things and provides different feelings.

Opening track The Dream is a lush bubbling introduction, which at the 10 minute point gear shifts into a syncopated phasing effect with Evans’ crystal vocals rising with increasing urgency.

The Centre introduces Evan’s skills at building layers of arpeggiating synths, demonstrating similarities to Emeralds (who’s John Elliot runs the Spectrum Spools label this album is released on).

The third track is the achingly sad Summer of the Cat’s Eye, with Evan’s vocals rolling in and out like infinite reflections of mirrors - the track breaking down to almost nothing before looping back in. A heartstopping centerpiece to the album.

The final track, One Perfect Moment, channels the most recent soundscapes of Tim Hecker with piano chords rising and falling along with a euphoric build. Again, Evan’s isn’t afraid to shift into overdrive. The track simultaneously builds to something of a enlightened climax, while also slowing and breaking down, like Evans has physically reached the end of what she can put into the album.

If you’ve not heard it before, then I hope you like it. Her other stuff is well worth checking out too. She is super prolific and her tastes and skills result in top quality and varied drone/ambient stuff.



This is a record I listened to pretty extensively at the time but haven’t touched in a few years now. Look forward to diving back in!


Just got to the end of The Centre where most of the texture suddenly drops away just after 23 mins and the bass noodles become more of a focus. Lovely moment of calm.


Right I’m all caught up. Great to be reminded of this Biosphere album. I downloaded Shenzhou around 2005 from emusic when I started expanding my knowledge of electronic music. It took a while for me to take to it tbh. This is the first time listening to the expanded edition. Lovely album. His 2011 release, N-Plants is a favorite of mine. Not fussed about the Loscil album (sorry @sheeldz !) but Brambles and burger/ink… who are both new to me are flipping lush! Overall a solid start.

Updated the playlist with @jont2001’s pick and added Global Communication for shits and giggles too.


Those sine waves at the start of One Perfect Moment are gorgeous - combined with those arpegiated synths it sounds like the echo of a distant Emeralds gig.


Same as @AphexTwinkletoes I rinsed this to death at the time but I’ve not listened in ages. So yeah, really looking forward to this one.

Great choice.


Ah yes, I am familiar with this one but like @AphexTwinkletoes I haven’t listened to it for a few years (2015 according to last.fm).

I think I read somewhere that a lot of it is improvised which I found quite impressive.


I think it was you talking about it on the old board that lead me to listening to it.


I remember hearing this at the time but I’d somehow gotten it into my head that they were a psych rock band (Motion Sickness of Time Travel would be a damn good psych rock band name tbf). I wasn’t really all that into much ambient stuff at the time so I didn’t give it much of a chance. This is a good opportunity to right that wrong.


I listened to this 14 times apparently, but not since 2014. Enjoyed my first revisit - it’s much more free-form (it feels largely improvised, to @JohnM 's point above) and it’s a pretty unique record. @colossalhorse is kinda spot on with the psych rock band name as psych-ambient is as good a description as I can think of for this. It feels like it owes as much debt to Tangerine Dream as to any modern artist, although it does remind me a bit in its form to FSOL’s Lifeforms in terms of the way it moves between different themes and phrases of music, albeit in a beatless manner. Good. Stuff.


This was going to be my choice!


Another fantastic choice, and like @AphexTwinkletoes and @sheeldz I listened to this and Luminaries & Synastry loads when they were released, but haven’t been back to them or her work in a while. This is a fantastic record, and I can’t wait to dive back in.

Still need to give burger/ink more time, but what I’ve heard so far I’ve really liked a lot, so thanks again @JohnM for bringing that to my attention. Really great thread already!




This was genuinely going to be my second pick… awesome choice


I’ve dug my copy of that album out on the back of @jont2001’s choice here.

This album is so deep. Tonnes of layers to it and the vocal parts really add to it. Cracker of a pick.


I’m another one who enjoyed this album very much when it came out but not listened for some time. Looking forward to revisiting later on tonight! Lovely choice.