Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Tbh the last couple of more beat driven choices have done very little for me (sorry guys) and I’ve been keeping my negativity out of this lovely thread. This, however, sounds right up my alley. It’s on Spotify so I’ll put it through the ultimate ambient/drone test - when listened to while walking through the snow does it feel like the end of civilisation?


FWIW I’m always interested to explore why something doesn’t work for someone. The hip-hop listening club has been fascinating for me in that respect (we’re having a special selection this week to try and educate me on the merits of southern rap…).


I don’t really like writing about stuff I’m not keen on (which is why I’m not a good record reviewer - I only write about stuff I dig) but I might give them another listen and try and articulate what jars with me when I have time.


Yeah, no pressure :slight_smile:


Have just found this thread this week… great stuff on here folks.
Always keen to expand my somewhat limited knowledge of electronic & ambient in particular, this looks to be the perfect place.


This is great. Need more listens to crystallise my thoughts but it’s ticking all my boxes. Tim Hecker is the obvious reference point but it also reminds me of some of the early-to-mid 00s releases on Touch - folks like BJ Nilsen.


Yeah, makes me think of Steel Wound which is criminally overlooked on this site.


Forst is a behemoth. Love a drone track with a simple beat underneath all the noise.

Reminds me of this in the best way possible.


Also love Music fur Alle - it’s got an amazing sense of urgency for a track which doesn’t really go anywhere.


It actually surprised me how good that track was tbh. I hadn’t listened to this in so long that it was a lovely thing.

Also the first 2 tracks take up 1/3 of the running time. So it seems like it’s going to be a long running LP, but after the first 2 tracks, it whizzes by quickly.


Just had my first listen to forst, has echoes of Minky Starshine by Seefeel (that subtle beat you mentioned), there’s even some MBV churn going on in there. Just ordered the CD, this looks to be my favourite from the thread so far. Really good.


Cheers man. Came out around the time that everything Type put out was gold. Just wishing I hadn’t neglected it for 8yrs really


No, thank you (“no, after you”, “no, after you, I insist”, etc) - what’s great about this is that while it does remind me of other albums, it still has a sound of its own and is VERY diverse for a 42 minute ambient / drone album. It goes through so many moods in almost no time at all. It would be a brilliant starter for people who weren’t familiar with the genre. The closer is so soft and comforting after what comes before it as well. I would never have come across it if you hadn’t recommended it (which just goes to show i) how much great music there is out there, and ii) the value of threads like these).


Tbf, just really happy and pleased that this choice is going down well with you guys


Just updated this, FYI.


So, I’ve been MIA since early last week with travel and snow and stuff. But this gave me a lot of time to listen to the albums.

Thanks to an unnamed user the Donato Dozzy album surprised me a lot. A lot of this was something that I would have avoided mostly due to blindspoits and stuff, but it really clicked. Another great “find” from this thread and idea, and I’d like to thank everyone for keeping this going. The album felt weighty too, like a dense loaf of bread (in a good way). It was a listen that I let wash over me a lot too, which was really good. Very enjoyable.

The Flashbulb record didn’t do much for me. I mean, I guess I liked listening to it, but I found it just not clicking with me. That’s fine - and actually, I like it when that happens, as I start to take apart what I was listening to and what I felt dureing the listen. Makes me consider why music I “like” gets liked. Very interesting. I listen to so much with the podcast it’s hard to keep an eye on what you might like and what you might just be burned out by Very good pick, then.

I’m just listening the Black to Comms this morning, but I can already feel I like it - it has the odd found-sounds style I like to a lot of drone and ambient. Going to keep on this this week.

And, to catch up, I’m going to do a special Monday Graveyard episode featuring a track from each of the eight albums picked so far to “air” next week. I’ll post it on here when it’s up.


Yeah, totally Fennessz styles on this.


Way cool


i havent been keeping up with this thread but this sounds right up my street so im going to give it a spin :+1:


yeah this is great