Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Had a walk in the snow earlier with Forst on the headphones. It was great.


you folks might like this new series…


Recorded this on the box. Looks like it might be interesting. I only really know Terry Riley’s In C Mali, but it’s a lovely one:



This is just plain brilliant, beginning to end. Two of my favourite ambient lps of all time amongst the picks and some things I don’t know at all. Going to really enjoy listening through to all of these.

Do Johnny come latelys get a pick? Would love to have a stab at some point.

Just listening to my copy of substrata for the first time in years. Perfect for Sunday morning.


Yeah I’ll add you to the roster :slight_smile:
Feel free to chime in with belated thoughts on earlier picks too!


I’ve been really getting into the weirder side of vaporwave reacently which is very internet-y but has some really wonderful little albums hidden away. There’s a subgenre that is based around malls(?!) full of weird 90s samples. It’s part fascinating, part dreadful and part genius.


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Thinking I shoulda made the titles more different…


Yeah, sorry. Didn’t really know where that fits in. Ah well.


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Thank you!


My Sunday is sorted


Got the Substrata LP up on the wall in my office. Such a good cover. :+1:


It’s SO good to have an excuse to revisit it. I was very underwhelmed by the last biosphere lp from a couple of years ago ;this is just brilliant though.


Yeah Departed Glories did nothing for me. Last year’s EP was dead good though. He’s up there alongside Autechre, Aphex, and BoC for me.


Halfway through substrata and the thing that really stands out for me is the variety. There’s a consistency of mood and atmosphere that runs throughout but the tracks don’t all sound the same and are composed from lots of different types of sounds. It’s the perfect blend of consistency and variety I reckon. Getting some odd pseudo asmr chills from some of the voices and the odd clattering at the end of side a too.


Thanks to this…I can now catch up on a few that I’ve missed…will offer my thoughts as they come :slight_smile:


And now I’m listening to Motion Sickness of Time Travel. A few thoughts:

Loved this when it came out but haven’t listened to it much since, it’s really good to have Reason to go back.

The synth work reminds me a lot of early Emeralds more ambient stuff which is great.

I also think it’s really positive to have ambient electronic stuff championed on here by women producers.


Totes agree. It’s a really interesting album, this (and very good). Love that almost gamelan sound on Houdini Rights which is a massive contrast with how expansive and spacey Forst is. Great pick, @rich-t


Cheers boss