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Hey everyone, thanks for those who are keeping this thread going. I haven’t contributed much for the last few weeks but rest assured I am listening.

Unsurprisingly (for me) K has been the pick of the last three choices. I pretty much agree with @maggieloveshopey on Opus At The End Of Everything. There were certainly moments that I really enjoyed but overall there was too much to take in and it overwhelmed me a bit. Haven’t listened to Alphabet 1968 as much I’d have liked but I really like the opening track.


So this week I’ve out together a massive show of stuff from the listening club.

Should i

  • Post it tomorrow (Wed) so it doesn’t interfere with that s weeks album
  • Post it on Thursday so it links with the selection

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Slight preference for Thursday but just interested in hearing it.


Wednesday it is.


1. Biosphere - Ancient Campfires
2. Loscil - First Narrows
3. Brambles - In the Androgynous Dark
4. burger/link - Flesh & Bleed
5. Motion Sickness of Time Travel - One perfect Moment
6. Donato Dozzy - K3
7. The Flashbulb - Terra Firma
8. Global Communication - 8.07
9. Black to Comm - Trapez
10. Steve Hadfield - High Towers and Deep Wells


Crikey, that’s some exalted company :blush:
Will bung it in once I get into work :+1:


Same here - I’m afraid I’ve had loads of stuff going on and haven’t contributed to the thread as much as I’d have liked but I’ve really been enjoying listening to the picks and reading everyone’s contributions, so thanks to everyone who’s been keeping it going! It’s been a great way of discovering new - to me - things, and rediscovering things I already knew and appreciating them in a different way.

One side note is that I’ve probably been listening to less stuff that’s come out this year because of this thread!


And same here. Normally this thread is ideally suited to how I work but I’ve unusually been away from my laptop for much of the last few weeks. K I’m particularly looking forward to.


For starters, this is reminding me that I should still be listening to Shenzhou more frequently. Ancient Campfires is astounding.


Folks who are ‘behind’ or who were late to the party, I would highly recommend this as a primer.


Just circling back on this, via Sheeldz’s mix as I’m really enjoying the Flashbulb track he chose. Have you heard Proem’s album Socially Inept? I think you would probably like it based on your selection.


I’d forgotten about this thread. I have a lot of stuff to work through here!


This is great, thanks for doing it.

It’s reminded me how much I liked the Loscil album, going to listen to that again today and I should check out some of their other stuff as well. I really enjoyed The Flashbulb choice as well. I expect there’s loads of tracks on there that if I heard in isolation I’d like, I just get a bit lost when listening to the whole thing.


Oh, and nice touch with the last track :+1:


If it pleases the court, I’ll maybe do one every month or so, catching a few tracks from each record, rather than one. Maybe. If I do this, and the DiS label thing, and my own podcast, it’s going to get busy man. :smiley:


Righto folks, I’m up tonight. Do you want it nowish or tomorrow morning. Anybody working late will probably enjoy this one (I hope!)…


Nowish is fine by me :slight_smile:


@AphexTwinkletoes has been kind enough to trust this week’s pick to me, so thanks! Given the quality of stuff posted so far as evidenced by @sheeldz’s radio show, it’s a daunting task!

Anyway, there’s been a lot of good relatively recent stuff in this thread, and so I thought I’d go back some 24 years (count em!) to a lesser known 1994 release by Richard H Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire). Virtual State was released on Warp (a good sign) and reissued on its 20th anniversary in 2014. I’m not that familiar with his Cabaret Voltaire work, but this was one of my earlier forays into ambient, and I still go back to it regularly. IMO, it’s one of the warmest ambient records I’ve heard, pulsing and twinkling over a good hour, with floating static voices and at times a fairly pronounced African influence. I think RHK pulled off the “world” element very well, without it coming across as awkward, and while it’s of its time, it stands up well today. What I particularly like is that although it changes pace quite a bit and brings in a lot of elements, it is very coherent from start to end.

It’s on Spotify here:

and on youtube here (not on bandcamp unfortunately):

Highlights for me are Come and World War III (the latter appearing on my Trumpocalypse mix for the Mixtape club). Not seen many others talk about it on here so hopefully it’s a new one for at least some of you (decided not to “do” drone as I think most of my favourites are “classics” and so not much point in posting them!).


Yeah boy! Love this record, and I’m pretty sure it was you who made me pick it up in the first place on this here site.


@moderators can we change this thread’s title to:
LISTENING CLUB - IDM / Ambient / Drone

to reduce confusion with the rolling thread?


Oh man. Completely unfamiliar with this but your description is practically making me salivate. Frickin love this thread.