Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Go for it!

Other folks, let me know if you want in.


No way! I’ve listened a few times and am listening now as it happens. Really enjoying it, I’m just really bad at writing about music so don’t have anything more insightful to add.


Ahhh, sorry…I’m feeling like a needy pillock a bit now… glad you’ve been enjoying it. I must admit to not being a great writer either when it comes to music.


I’m in for a pick :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten round to this weeks selection yet but I’m gonna rectify that very shortly.


Ace, you’re up the week after then :slight_smile:


Excellent. I think I know what I’m gonna go for but there’s always the chance of a last minute switcheroo. I’m fickle like that.


Nah, your enthusiasm is tangible in your writing.


Happy to join the queue!


Ace, you’re 4th up :slight_smile:


Enjoyed listening to this a few times over the last week. The first track is a bit too formless for me and I was starting to feel a little apprehension about another hour in that vein, but it settled down very nicely after that. It’s been on while I’ve been doing other stuff, so can’t comment on individual tracks but the incorporation of worldy elements works really well.


I really enjoyed this weeks’ selection. I don’t have much else to say sadly, it’s been a very competitive listening time week sadly.


Yeah, I broke down the album into chunks early on - don’t think I made it past about track 12 for a while when I first started listening to it. Nice to hear the podcast might have provided a more digestible entry point.

Have listened to most of the DiS special Monday Graveyard now. Thanks for doing this @sheeldz - if you’re inclined to do one of listening club selections every so often, I’d happily listen.


That’s the plan. One every second month maybe?


Scrolling through this thread in search of nuggets; am I the only idiot who pronounces it “Loss-kill”?

(also an excuse to bring up that me and Loscil have technically and kind of tenuously been labelmates a bunch of years ago)


This is an exceptionally small-fry claim to fame :grinning:


I was on the last one and he was on the first

Imagine fighting the urge to explain this when hearing a Loscil track playing on an advert at a friend’s house


Right, so it’s my turn to pick and as it seems like we’ve taken to putting these up on Wednesday evenings ready for download and listening on Thursday, here we go.

I imagine a bit like everyone else who’s chosen so far I’ve gone back and forth on what to choose. I’ve finally decided to go with something that I expect might be divisive, but :man_shrugging: what isn’t?

So, my pick for this week is ‘Deep Listening’ by Pauline Oliveros.

Guessing a bunch of you probably know her already, but for those who don’t, Pauline Oliveros was a composer who originally started out in the 60’s exploring tape loops and synthesizer composition and making weird, atonal noise stuff. She was also campaigner for gender equality and progressive causes, and an all around GBOL.

In 1989, she and a couple of friends/musicians descended 14ft underground into the drained 2 million gallon Dan Harpole Cistern in Fort Warden State Park, Washington. The cistern has a 45 second reverberation time, which is possibly the longest of any man-made space on earth.

That lead to the three of them exploring the space with their instruments, improvising with and actively using the reverb and reflections generated by the cistern as a fourth player in their group; truly ‘ambient’ music.

This is pretty minimal, droning stuff, so I’m aware it’s absolutely not for everyone, but I figured if there’s any group of people willing to give it a go, it’s the ones in this here thread.

Hope you enjoy it:

Youtube link because I don’t think it’s on bandcamp.

If you’re interested, ‘Deep Listening’ went on to became something of a philosophy for Pauline, with one of the goals being trying to separate ‘listening’ from simply ‘hearing’. There’s some interesting writings and talks out there on this subject. Some of it’s a bit too hippy, starchild, one-with-the-universe stuff for me, but she was a proper one-off, and those are rare.


Well this sounds intriguing! May not get a chance to listen until Friday for reasons but excited to do so.


Your Spotify link doesn’t seem to work…


Also don’t see it when searching, oddly. Wierd.

I found it on Google Play.