Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club

And a handy show showcasing some of the picks


Perfect. Time to indulge…

Oi where’s this week’s album! :wink::kissing_heart:

Ah sorry folks - on holiday and totally passed me by. Anyone fancy taking it on at short notice?

Stepping in here then folks. Sorry if you’d been enjoying the beats over the ambience, but here we go…

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters


I know this one will have its share of fans already - in fact I seem to remember picking it up from hype on old dis when it came out in 2011. It seems to have enjoyed slightly less reverence than their previous record, Pale Ravine (which IS fantastic), but this one has resonated more with me, and become a cherished favourite. I absolutely love it.

I guess the most obvious touchstone ITT would be the Brambles record. This has a similar, wintery feel, with a lot of organic instrumentation and sparse passages buried within layers of scratchy field recordings and slightly haunted ambience. There are a few brief piano sketches, and one beautiful track containing only (I think) cello, but the real substance of this album lies in the tracks that pile layer upon heavy layer, combining expansive guitar drones, sizeable bass weight, booming stabs of piano and ethereal, wordless vocals, such as on the opener, or massive centerpiece The Day I Would Never Have.

It’s sort of expected for ambient/modern classical music to feel cinematic, or highly visual, of course, but this LP has always produced particularly vivid, transportative imagery in my mind when I’ve listened to it. Specifically, listening in the dark, on headphones, I often find myself imagining a colossal, mountainous forest, blanketed in snow and darkness, with a distant red fire raging deep within its heart. There’s a strange sense of mystery, almost mysticism, about it which I find absolutely, endlessly enjoyable.

It’s pure, atmospheric escapism for me, like entering some mysterious, long-forgotten old dream. No idea if it has the same effect on others but I hope people at least enjoy :slight_smile:


Absolute classic

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Not even real black metal pal.



Not yet. Not yet.

Enjoying the first track (and for those who don’t do spotify/apple music it is also on bandcamp)…

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I haven’t listened to this in a couple of years, simce my iPod died, so will whack it on in a sec, think little one has gone down for a while. But I bloody love this record. Rinsed this, Landings by Richard Skelton and Going Places - Yellow Swans all around the same time.

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Ahhh, Going Places, if I’d have rinsed that any more, there’d have been nothing left. What a great record.


Close Forever Watching is absolutely marvellous. Despite being numbed by a glass or so of white wine, the woozy building drone and background hiss are really drawing me in. Awesome.

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Glad you’re enjoying! Can imagine wine accompanying it quite nicely tbh!
Yeah that one’s an absolute beaut. When the build reaches breaking point and you get that sort of piano knell at about 5 mins… album highlight…!

This is brilliant! Love the droning strings, puts me in mind of set fire to flames’ more abstract moments.

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That was going to be my next choice. Better think of something else I think!

Working my way through the significant backlog of (mostly) marvellous music. Embarrassed, as a self identified fan of electronica and founder of my local Ableton User Group, to say that I’d only come across a couple of these before starting…

Of the new stuff, Brambles and Black to Comm really stood out. Black to Comm sounded like a particularly bleak take on the Akira soundtrack, but like… in a really good way. Either that or a terrifying cult of some sort. You can tell that I don’t review music for a living eh?

Of the old stuff, Donato Dozzy is always a delight and any excuse to listen to Music Has the Right to Children is a welcome one.

Still got a few to catch up on, but big thank you to AphexTwinkletoes for organising this whole shebang.


Not had a chance to listen to last week’s pick but will do so tomorrow. This week’s pick will come tomorrow pm :+1:

Dunno why this is a reply to @SunnyB


Finally getting round to this now. I’m pretty sure I’d listened to this before when someone recommended it to me in one of my complaints about the trend of all ambient blogs to obsessing over modern classical stuff I don’t normally like that much. For whatever reason, it didn’t stick, but I’m quite enjoying my first listen now. Opener is pretty oppressive in a good way, and New Beginning has a nice disconcerting hovering feel to it.

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Ooooo Close Forever Watching is amazing shimmery loveliness


Don’t think that I’ve posted in this thread before - but I dip in occasionally for recommendations.

Just wanted to say that this one is ruddy marvellous.