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It’s arrived!!! What a lovely physical product - it shows a lot of care in design and production and puts a lot of more major label releases to shame - for me, this sort of thing justifies why CDs are still a great medium, something tactile with art and design over just the music but with much of the portability of mp3s. Loving it and I haven’t even listened to it yet!


Had a listen whilst doing lab work on Friday - really quite fantastic and will happily stand along side many favourite releases from the last 12 months.

Almost makes me wish I still used CDs (I’m a vinyl-wanker / stream-wanker, I’m afraid) - any plans to release on LP?


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :grin:

Sadly no plans to release on LP simply because the production costs are astronomical in comparison to CD. And lots of long tracks = more discs = more money.

The plan is to reinvest any profits though so who knows. Maybe we’ll actually have some money to put something out on LP in future if it all works out. That would be the dream!


That track had a proper evolution in terms of the sound. Started out as a more piano-led melodies. Then made a switch to strings and dropped one track down a couple of octaves and it suddenly all cane together. Also have a version with heavily overdriven piano which sounds quite cool.


Bump. Going to get back onto the regular cycle from next week having only announced this week’s double album on the Friday.

Had a combination of holiday (good), work travel (less good) and the label launch (good) over the past month which is why this has been run a bit less consistently than before but that will change!




I kinda like the two week cycle. Anybody else?


Not averse to it, given how much new music there is to listen to


Commenting on this for me is like choosing your favourite child, plus I’ve already written loads for the liner notes, so I’m going to focus more on the running order.

Choosing an opener for each side of the compilation was probably the biggest decision after which tracks to include. That’s where most people are going to jump in after all, so it’s your chance to hook them in. QOSMIC QUEST was chosen because it sounds like nothing I’ve heard since the RDJ album. @Gert has a similar seemingly very naturally unique knack for composition to @Bamnan which makes everything I’ve heard by him across myriad genres sound like him and no one else.

Then you have this nice run of three very ‘rhythmic’ IDM tracks which felt like a natural set, with a gradual build in urgency from the laid-back shimmer of Tapping Out through the skitter of Weights & Dims and the relatively frantic ending of Leg Bop. That build up feels like it prepares the listener nicely for the sonic assualt of Stomper which sat surprisingly well next to the much less noisy Creaky Nowhere BGM, I think because both have a slight wooziness to the rhythm. If I’m allowed to have a favourite song on Journeys, this might well be it - it’s just so full of character.

Nebulae serves well for me as a bridge between the big square tones from @manches-brute and the more squelchy acid feel of Why Are You Haunting Yourself? I’d toyed with having Nebulae as the closing track but figured it made more sense to end the digital version on a couple of bangers so that the bonus offering from me flowed nicely on the physical copy. Lowering’s offering pairs really nicely with BITT’s Placehodler as two high-energy techno joints.

Probs need to do some work but will add some thoughts on the ambient side in due course.

edit: Why have I only called out 3 of the 10 artists mentioned? Not a clue


Finally got round to listening to this today, sorry it’s taken so long. This is such an incredible achievement, and covers so much ground. Kinda blown away by how much talent there is on these boards, it’s really inspiring.

I prefer the Destinations side, but there’s so much to delve into and explore across both discs. Well done to all involved, I can’t wait to get lost in future Disintegration State releases.


No need to apologise! Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for the kind words :grinning:

I’ve been amazed both the level some folks are operating at, and by the number of folks operating at that level. Folks like @colossalhorse where I didn’t even know they were making stuff and then producing something as refined as Is All. Or @McGarnagle who I know makes lovely drone but turns out to be a wizard at techno. Or @Bamnan bashing out a future IDM classic.


I clearly didn’t read this post very well… completely missed the fact you guys released two albums. Thanks to whoever added Destinations to the playlist. :man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Playing catchup again. Just ordered the Disintegration State CD, exciting times!



Cheers dude!


Alright team, DM me if you fancy doing this week’s pick


I’m totally in for this, love this idea.


This has been my favourite thread on DiS - so much great music and interesting discussion. This week’s pick is incoming…

Also, spreadsheet of previous picks


Glad I found it, I’ve just been clicking into the gaming thread and that is it for the last year.


The Dead Texan - The Dead Texan

This is one of my go to droney/ambient albums. To me it’s a classic. I don’t think Stars of the Lid or associated acts have been mentioned in this thread yet…which is kind of surprising. It’s a short album clocking in at 46 minutes and it’s a little post rocky in places. It’s flipping lovely! One thing I found out about this record today is that there is a visual side to it, with Christina Vantzou creating videos to accompany the music. If I can find links to any of the videos I will post them later.


I’ve listened to this album 2 times according to last.fm. So enough to go back once but it didn’t stick for whatever reason. Can’t remember anything about it really.