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It started as a nostalgia trip for me and now I’m back on it fully and remembering bass line and sub frequencies and everything else is still the most futuristic and transcendental shit ever and I will never forgive the Americans for stealing it and Disney-fying it and making it palatable for racist frat bros.


And there’s even newer and more insane shit they play and it’s good for your soul so listen to it I beg you.


Wrong thread, buddy :wink:


i have no idea how this happened :man_facepalming:


I liked this a lot on first listen. I love the way the looping of organic instruments over those incessant baselines gradually makes them start to sound weird and unnatural as the track subtly shifts. Current fave track: Ancient Campfire.


First impressions are very good. I’ve been listening while doing some work yesterday evening and this morning. It really benefits from decent speakers - I wasn’t really getting much from the first play in the car, but then all that rich sub bass comes through on the home hi-fi and it starts to come together.

I like the contrast between the classical and electronic parts - these beautiful classical samples are really natural, but then you can hear the join in their looping imposing a new rhythm and twisting the samples into something new. Thanks for doing this ATT, will keep listening.


That’s just it. There’s a sense of movement even without a ‘proper’ rhythm.

Also really like the idea of you popping this on in the car :smiley:


BTW, any idea what the deal is with the 10 extra tracks on the reissue? There’s not much info as far as I can see. Are they from the same sessions, previously unreleased or something? They flow nicely on from the original tracks either way.

Just listening to The White Cliffs of Dover from the extras now - what a great sign off!!


Ha, I was giddy for a first listen on the commute home. The engine noise totally kills the low end though, which is obviously half of what makes the record. Quickly realised this and swapped it out!


I’m lurking. Don’t really know much about drone aside from dipping into a few things that Boomkat push. Will check this out!


Little late to the party, but I’m up for this.

Great first choice, I’m only really familiar with Substrata and Departed Glories, so looking forward to checking this out.


No idea. He’s done a whole series of reissues with bonus material - I’d guess they’re from the same sessions in each case based on the feel of the music. In all cases I’ve really enjoyed them - more Biosphere is almost always a good thing!

Listened to a bit of Debussy this morning. Funny hearing the snippets which Biosphere has run with.


If the discogs reviews are to be believed, don’t buy the repress:

One of the reviews says the remaster is an improvement on the original though (I’ve been listening to the original).


Have you heard the stuff on the second disc of the Shenzhou reissue? Is it any good (perhaps that’s a daft question!)


I gave it a listen yesterday - it’s all good stuff. Maybe not as strong as the Cirque 2nd disc, but definitely worth your time.


Cheers - will hold off for now! My Substrata order just arrived so I’m giving that a spin now :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I like this, but waited till I’d played it through a few times before commenting. You can definitely tell it’s Biosphere, but the classical elements give it enough individuality to stand out from the other albums of his that I know. They’re what make the album really, those little twisted snippets and fragments. Taken out of their usual context they sound almost alien, something you’re not meant to hear, kind of like the silver flash of a fish darting away from you before you even know it’s there. Something like that, anyway.

Favourite track is Ancient Campfire, I think, but I also really like Path Leading To The High Grass, and the way it sounds like some kind of dolorous unstoppable march.


This is some good writing lost in a very niche thread! He did a soundtrack (i think) called l’incongrazione de poppea (sp?) which is the other most overtly ‘classical’ work he’s put out, but I think Shenzhou is pretty unique as far as his full length releases go.

Yes! And another terrific description.


Hi folks

After years of lurking but (I don’t think) never posting (or if I did it was maybe only once or twice) I was finally inspired to put fingers to keys. I try to be sensible about how much time I spend on 'boards as, certainly for half the year, I’m on the Glastonbury board (and in particular the Electronica/Dance thread I started) far too much.

Anyhow, totally up for this as I have gradually found myself listening to more and more ambient and, even more so, drone, in the last few years.

Will get onto giving Shenzou some decent time 'til Thursday when I’m guessing we’ll get onto the second pick?



Welcome! Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Let me know if you would like to be added to the roster for picking an album.