Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Oooo this is gorgeous. More of a sense of movement than SOTL. Feels more like AWVFTS or Slow Meadow.


Terrific choice. Have fallen a bit behind on the club picks recently, but already know and love this album and listening again now while working late. I’m rubbish at describing music, but like ATT says this is a gorgeous record :+1:


Super choice @Pale-eyedBadger, I remember rinsing this heavily when it came out - it has some quite lovely moments, in particular When I See Scissors (with that twinkling piano)…I’m going to have to listen to it now damnit (and there I was working on the children’s hip hop comp while ‘working’)…


I absolutely love this, but like Black To Comm’s Alphabet 1968 (an earlier highlight from this thread), at many points it feels like a ‘best of’ sampler of the genre rather than necessarily having a voice of its own. I don’t wish to damn it with faint praise because it’s a great listen, but…hmmmm…can’t put my finger on it.


Also liking the little excerpts of vocals, either sung or sampled. They help add atmosphere and variety I think.


I remember The Dead Texan coming up on my Last.fm radio all the time when I was looking for ambient / post-rock (Last.fm was so good back in the day for getting me into [amongst other things] Kranky’s output).

Gonna listen to this now, I think; having sadly not contributed to this thread nearly as much as I should have done (considering how excited I was for it).

For any other non-Spotifyers, here’s a Bandcamp link to it…


Also ‘The Six Million Dollar Sandwich’ is exactly the kind of title I love


This is different to what my memories had led me to believe. I remembered The Dead Texan’s music as more akin to SotL’s more “static” drone work. Slightly stealing the observation of one of the Bandcamp reviews, I’m getting more of a “Labradford-for-sunny-days” vibe now.


Yeah, it’s relatively busy, innit


Interesting observation, this. Released in 2004, so I think it’s relatively early in the trend of modern classical merging into ambient music?


Yes, I can see it is an early one (so in theory it is leading the pack) but still, I can’t put my finger on what, if anything makes it The Dead Texan. :thinking:


Yeah I can get where you’re coming from. Like it’s the platonic ideal of modern classical / ambient


I think you may have lost me there (though I’m pretty sure you’re not talking about an attrative shrimp).


At risk of being really dull and over-explain a very niche ‘quip’… Plato thought that there were forms or ideals of which everything in the world are imperfect copies. e.g. we all have a platonic ideal of a circle, but we’ve never seen a truly perfect circle in the world where the diameter is exactly the same at all points. My conjecture is that this is the platonic form of modern classical bleeding into ambient, and thus it lacks the ‘character’ which makes someone like SOTL sound like SOTL and no one else.


Nicely explained, and yes. Can I ask, is it just the use of acoustic instrumentation that shifts ambient into modern classical? On this basis, would you regard Ravedeath as verging on modern classical, or Star Core (flute/violin) or as ambient / drone, or both?


Oooo there’s a question… I probably have a much longer answer in me when I’m not slammed at work, but some initial intuitions:

Predominantly acoustic instruments, with a focus on strings and piano
Bass is probably textural rather than melodic

Listening to Star Core now. Something like the title track highlights the important of the second point, which pulls it away from classical for me.


I went through a phase with that album, but never love loved it. I found it through last.fm as well!


I like it. I really really like it. But I don’t love it (like I love ‘and their refinement’ for example) Can’t really put my finger on why this is.

Sorry this doesn’t really bring the conversation forward much.


I think ‘And Their Refinement’ just feels so expansive in a fairly intangible way.


I’ve been a bit quiet here of late, struggling for time to properly take in all these records, but just popping up to say that I know this one, and it’s a goody. But I can’t remember why I know it, just that something prompted me to check it out a few years ago…has anyone involved with it gone on to do something else, anyone been citing it as an influence or the like? It’s going to bug me all day now.